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Brouncher [Brounchar] second Vicount, excellent Mathematitian [per J. Evelyn]

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L&M Companion says:

"As an administrator he was active in all branches of the Board's work, but took a special interest in finance and accounts... His relations with Pepys fluctuated, but were at bottom good. They had common interests in music and science, and despite occasional quarrels over competition for contractors' favours, came to respect each other's ability. 'The truth is,' Pepys wrote (25 Aug. 1668), 'he is the best man of them all.'

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Brouncker and Brounchar are also phonetic spellings of Brunkard. William is frequently confused with his younger brother Henry due to Henry's inheriting of his elder brother's title.

Henry suffers from some bad press in Pepy's so be careful not to confuse them as some other online resources and certain new books about The Royal Society have.

Here is a link to an excellent potrait of William Brunkard, 2nd Viscount:


And one to the ersthwile Henry Brunkard, 3rd Viscount:


Here are some records from the British House of Commons on the brothers during the civil war.


The following link pints to a short biography that fills out some additional information on the pair.


I am researching a biography of the three Viscount Brunkard's at the moment that I will publish online at http://www.brunkard.com in time. Any additional information anyone can add to help in its composition is appreciated.

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William, lord Brouncker, whom bishop Burnet calls a profound mathematician, was chancellor to queen Catherine, keeper of her great seal, and one of the commissioners for executing the office of lord high admiral. Few of his writings are extant. His "Experiments of the recoiling of Guns," and his algebraical paper on the squaring of the hyperbola, are well known. He was the first president of the Royal Society; a body of men, who, since their incorporation, have made a much greater progress in true natural knowledge, than had before been made from the beginning of the world. Ob. 5 April, 1684, Æt. 64.
---A Biographical History of England. J. Granger, 1775.

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William [Brouncker], second Lord Viscount Brouncker of Castle Lyons, born about 1620, was the first president of the Royal Society, and a respectable mathematician. Extra Commissioner of the Navy, 1664-66; Comptroller of the Treasurer's Accounts, 1660-79; Master of St. Katherine's Hospital in 1681. Died April 5th, 1684.
---Wheatley, 1899.

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BROUNCKER or BROUNKER, WILLIAM, second Viscount Brouncker of Castle Lyons in Irish peerage (1620?-1684), first president of the Royal Society; M.D. Oxford, 1647; first to introduce continued fractions and to give a series for quadrature of a portion of the equilateral hyperbola; original member of Royal Society, 1662, and first president, 1662-77; president of Gresham College, 1664-7; chancellor of Queen Catherine, 1662; commissioner for executing office of lord high admiral, 1664; master of St. Catherine's Hospital, 1681.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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