Monday 23 December 1667

Up before day, and by coach to Sir W. Coventry’s, and with him to White Hall, and there walked a great while with him in the garden till the Commissioners of the Treasury met, and there talked over many businesses, and particularly he tells me that by my desire he hath moved the Duke of York that Sir J. Minnes might be removed from the Navy, at least the Controller’s place, and his business put on my Lord Brouncker and Sir W. Pen; that the Committee for Accounts are good sober men, and such as he thinks we shall have fair play from; that he hopes that the kingdom will escape ruin in general, notwithstanding all our fears, and yet I find he do seem not very confident in it. So to the Commissioners of the Treasury, and there I had a dispute before them with Sir Stephen Fox about our orders for money, who is very angry, but I value it not. But, Lord! to see with what folly my Lord Albemarle do speak in this business would make a man wonder at the good fortune of such a fool. Thence meeting there with Creed, he and I to the Exchange, and there I saw Carr stand in the pillory for the business of my Lord Gerard, which is supposed will make a hot business in the House of Commons, when they shall come to sit again, the Lords having ordered this with great injustice, as all people think, his only fault being the printing his petition before, by accident, his petition be read in the House. Here walked up and down the Exchange with Creed, and then home to dinner, and there hear by Creed that the Bishops of Winchester and of Rochester, and the Dean of the Chapel, and some other great prelates, are suspended: and a cloud upon the Archbishop ever since the late business in the House of Lords; and I believe it will be a heavy blow to the Clergy. This noon I bought a sermon of Dr. Floyd’s, which Creed read a great part of to me and Mr. Hollier, who dined with me, but as well writ and as good, against the Church of Rome, as ever I read; but, Lord! how Hollier, poor man, was taken with it. They gone I to the office, and there very late with Mr. Willson and my people about the making of a new contract for the victualler, which do and will require a great deal of pains of me, and so to supper and to bed, my wife being pretty well all this day by reason of her imposthume being broke in her cheek into her mouth. This day, at the ‘Change, Creed shewed me Mr. Coleman, of whom my wife hath so good an opinion, and says that he is as very a rogue for women as any in the world; which did disquiet me, like a fool, and run in my mind a great while.

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Christopher Squire  •  Link

1. A purulent swelling or cyst in any part of the body; an abscess.’ [OED]

Robert Gertz  •  Link

So Coleman is a rogue for women...And how did Creed shewing (right here on our stage at the 'Change) convince Sam?

"See there he is...With that pretty chubby linen seller, Betty Martin."


"And Mrs. Burroughs, the widow with them. I hear they do make with the hot and heavy, Pepys."

"Mrs. Burroughs?!"

"And look over there, in the corner, waiting for the cad. That pretty wife of that ship's carpenter you promoted...Bugwell, wasn't it?"

"Bagwell? Mrs. Bagwell?!!"

"Not quite so innocent as she seemed when I ran into her visiting your office. Look at that rogue Coleman kissing her...Lets close and try to hear."

"Ah, lovely Bagwell...If I were king...What splendid treasure would I bring."

"Oh, Mr. Coleman. You have such a distinctive and unique voice. But I must go...Ummn...About that favor for my husband you promised?"

"I shall be faithful to thee...In my fashion...Farewell, farewell, parting is such sweet sorrow."

"I've seen enough, Creed. Lets..."

"Just a mo, Pepys...I don't think the scoundrel is quite done yet. Here comes..."

"Don't tell me..."

"...that pretty young wife of the fellow who sell spirits. The one you and Mrs. P are so fond of..."

"...Mitchell. Betty Mitchell."

"What kind of man can play such a roguish game, Pepys?"

"Shocking Creed, simply shocking." Sam. grimacing.

"Mr. Pepys? What a surprise."

"Not really Miss Crisp." Sam sighs at Diana. "I suppose you're headed across the street?"

"An appointment with a dear gentleman friend, yes...A Mr...Say, who's that?"

"Must be either a certain barber's assistant or..." Sam, morosely.

"...Lady Castlemaine?" Diana stares.

"I might have guessed." Sam shakes head.

"That one seemed not so good as she should be..." Creed notes shrewdly as Diana storms away.

"Tell me about it." sigh.

Ruben  •  Link

"my wife being pretty well all this day by reason of her imposthume being broke in her cheek into her mouth".
So the abcess was in her cheek after all and the decision to consult the surgeon the right one.
Good for her that it went to her mouth. Otherwise she would have a bad scar in her face. But this is usually the way cheek abcesses brake.
Years ago this kind of abcess was usual, but today (in my world) they are very rare, maybe because of better dental hygiene.

Mary  •  Link

Mr. Coleman

This is the chap, a former member of the King's Guard, who had travelled in the same coach as Elizabeh both going to and coming back from her trip to Huntingdon in the summer. John Pepys, who Elizabeth had accompanied on the outward journey, made special and disquieting mention of Coleman when he subsequently wrote to Sam about that journey. Pepys Sr.'s understated misgivings now receive a boost from Creed.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

" my desire he hath moved the Duke of York that Sir J. Minnes might be removed from the Navy, at least the Controller’s place..."

Banish Sir John? Oh...Sam. Banish not our Shakespearian scholar thy company...Banish good ole Sir John...And, banish the world.

"I do...I..."

That means girls, Sam.

"Oh. Well then...Perhaps on second thought, Sir William..."

JWB  •  Link

What with this and the infection a year or so ago and her early death, I suggest we look for clues to a chronic disease that is compromising her immune system. Start with TB.

JWB  •  Link

What with that thought,...Merry Christmas to all & a healthy new year.

arby  •  Link

I'd like to add my holiday best wishes to Phil and everyone else who have made this so much fun and so illuminating this past year. Thanks everyone, Merry Christmas and a great New Year to you all, rb

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