Tuesday 30 March 1669

Up, and to Sir W. Coventry, to see and discourse with him; and he tells me that he hath lately been with my Lord Keeper, and had much discourse about the Navy; and particularly he tells me that he finds they are divided touching me and my Lord Brouncker; some are for removing; and some for keeping us. He told my Lord Keeper that it would cost the King 10,000l. before he hath made another as fit to serve him in the Navy as I am; which, though I believe it is true, yet I am much pleased to have that character given me by W. Coventry, whatever be the success of it. But I perceive they do think that I know too much, and shall impose upon whomever shall come next, and therefore must be removed, though he tells me that Sir T. Clifford is inclined well enough to me, and Sir T. Osborne; by what I have lately done, I suppose. This news do a little trouble me, but yet, when I consider it, it is but what I ought not to be much troubled for, considering my incapacity, in regard to my eyes, to continue long at this work, and this when I think of and talk with my wife do make me the less troubled for it. After some talk of the business of the navy more with him, I away and to the Office, where all the morning; and Sir W. Pen, the first time that he hath been here since his being last sick, which, I think, is two or three months; and I think will be the last that he will be here as one of the Board, he now inviting us all to dine with him, as a parting dinner, on Thursday next, which I am glad of, I am sure; for he is a very villain. At noon home to dinner, where, and at the office, all the afternoon, troubled at what I have this morning heard, at least my mind full of thoughts upon it, and so at night after supper to bed.

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Andrew Hamilton  •  Link

Slightly off topic (for today surely), but I thought the annotators might be amused by the following from the American political blog Instapundit. It seems Sam was a pathbreaker, at least in recording his propositions in French mixed with other foreign tongues.

ADVICE: American Men Should Be Upfront About Asking For Sex, Like French Men. (http://www.yourtango.com/2012147482/french-men)
But if you follow that advice, you’re a harasser.
UPDATE: Reader Ray Dawson writes that the trick is to ask in a French accent, so as to bypass the oikophobia. Good point!

Roy  •  Link

Slightly off topic, your not kidding !!!

Robert Gertz  •  Link

So "some are for removing..." and think Sam knows too much. Has he overdone the know-it-all control freak, offended a few of the titled with his airs, or do they just see him as an obstacle to looting the navy?

Larry  •  Link

Sam's business sense and acumen have instructed and guided me for quite a long time. One shouldn't mind going so much when all things are considered but the time and manner of leaving are not always what we might hope for. Not much has changed in the world of business over the last four-odd centuries. Sic transit gloria, right?

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"he tells me that Sir T. Clifford is inclined well enough to me, and Sir T. Osborne ; what I have lately done"

L&M note: "In undertaking work normally done b y the Treasury:" sc. 22 March instant: "Thence to the Treasury-Chamber, and there all the morning to my great grief, put to do Sir G. Downing’s work of dividing the Customes for this year...but I did thereby oblige Sir Thomas Clifford and Sir J. Duncombe" http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1669/03/22/

rob van hugte  •  Link

It strikes me again how deeply Sir Penn is disliked or should I say hated by Sam. Especially when reading about another dinner at his expenses. He always enjoys the dinner first and then makes some remarks on Sir Will being a knave or a villain.... After reading the diary for years I still have no clue where this is coming from.

languagehat  •  Link

I do not like thee, Doctor Fell.
The reason why I cannot tell;
But this I know, and know full well,
I do not like thee, Doctor Fell.

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