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About Friday 19 February 1663/64

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“ Mr. Jaggard, a salter, in Thames Street,”

SALTER, one who deals in Salt or Salt Fish.
---An universal etymological English dictionary. N. Bailey, 1724.

So not surprising that Jaggard served a dinner of “all fish”.

About Wednesday 17 February 1663/64

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“both of whom are very witty men”

WITTY, full of wit.
WIT, One of the Faculties of the rational Soul, Genius, Fancy, aptness for any Thing, Cunningness.
---An universal etymological English dictionary. N. Bailey, 1724.

About Wednesday 17 February 1663/64

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“where I found an excellent mastiffe, his name Towser”

To TOUSE. To pull; to tear; to haul; to drag; whence touser.
---A Dictionary Of The English Language. Samuel Johnson, 1756.

About Monday 15 February 1663/64

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TORY, a Word first used by the Protestants in Ireland to signify those Irish common Robbers and Murderers who stood outlawed for Robbery and Murder; now a Nick name to such as call themselves High Church men, or to the Partisans of the Chevalier de St George.
---An Universal Etymological English Dictionary. N. Bailey, 1724

There is discussion of the word "tory" in the annotations of 25 Nov 1661

About Thursday 11 February 1663/64

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"my wife and I hand to fist to a very fine pig"

To drink hand to fist. Boire á tire-larigot. [To drink as much as one wants]
---The Royal Dictionary Abridged, French to English. A. Boyer, 1755

About Cotton's 'Scarronides, or, Le Virgile travesty'

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A travesty indeed. Compare:

I sing of warfare and a man at war.
From the sea-coast of Troy in early days
He came to Italy by destiny,
To our Lavinian western shore,
A fugitive, this captain, buffeted
Cruelly on land as on the sea
Robert Fitzgerald, 1983

I sing of arms and the man, he who, exiled by fate,
first came from the coast of Troy to Italy, and to
Lavinian shores – hurled about endlessly by land and sea
A.S. Kline, 2002

I sing the man (read it who list,
A Trojan true as ever pist,)
Who from Troy-town, by Wind and Weather
To Italy (and God knows whither)
Was packt, and wrackt, and lost, and tost,
And bounc'd from Pillar unto Post
Charles Cotton, 1664

About Monday 8 February 1663/64

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"I found he would have played the Jacke with me"

To play the Jack with one.
To attempt to domineer over one, I suppose, is here the intended sense.
---English Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases Collected from the Most Authentic Sources. J. Russell Smith, 1869.

About Saturday 6 February 1663/64

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Sasha: "what would have been the main factors in the English decline between 1650 and 1700?"

A very cursory google search gives quite large casualty estimates for the English Civil Wars. One site suggested 12% of the population! Surely this was a factor.