The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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vincent   Link to this

st james palace : old cheque book (not money) Book of remembranc has warrants etc

Terry F   Link to this

"St. James's Palace is one of London's oldest and most historic palaces. It is situated on The Mall in London, England, just north of St. James's Park.

"The palace was commissioned in 1530 by Henry VIII, on the site of a former leper hospital dedicated to Saint James the Less (from whom the Palace and the nearby Park take their names). It was constructed in the red-brick Tudor style around four courtyards. It became the principal residence of the monarch in London from 1698, when the Whitehall Palace was destroyed by fire, and became the administrative centre of the monarchy (a role it still retains)."'s_Palace

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