Tuesday 3 September 1667

All the morning, business at the office, dined at home, then in the afternoon set my wife down at the Exchange, and I to St. James’s, and there attended the Duke of York about the list of ships that we propose to sell: and here there attended Mr. Wren the first time, who hath not yet, I think, received the Duke of York’s seal and papers. At our coming hither, we found the Duke and Duchesse all alone at dinner, methought melancholy; or else I thought so, from the late occasion of the Chancellor’s fall, who, they say, however, takes it very contentedly. Thence I to White Hall a little, and so took up my wife at the ‘Change, and so home, and at the office late, and so home to supper and to bed, our boy ill.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

Brodrick to Ormond
Written from: [London]
Date: 3 September 1667

Mentions the "continued firmness of mind", shewn by the Lord Chancellor Hyde, "superior", adds the writer, "to my own expectation, amidst all his misfortunes". Notices some rumours as to the legal changes of office likely to ensue upon the Chancellor's dismissal.

[A News-Letter, written by Captain R. Forster to the Duke of Ormond]
Written from: London
Date: 3 September 1667

Political and Court incidents. Appeal to the Privy Council in 'Barker's Case'.

Arlington to Ormond
Written from: London
Date: 3 September 1667

Thanks his Grace for a letter of 26th August. Continues his account of proceedings in Barker's case, a final decision upon which, in the Privy Council, is expected on the morrow. Mentions the arrival of De Ruvigny.


cum salis grano  •  Link

nowt said about window shopping?

"...then in the afternoon set my wife down at the Exchange,...so took up my wife at the ‘Change, and so home, ..."

Tis "wot" I doth do, he has 6 horse power, I hath 350 HP, I can truly commiserate with him, Us males make the big decisions and the better halves make the minor ones like which tweed fits better, and how to recylce the money.

The Shopping emporiums [Malls] of modern era are set up to get monies from the well healed, and all others, now as well as then, So many little changes taking place nearly unnoticed but the modern life as we know, betting on bottoms and the price of oranges and the female creating new markets for fashions for those that that have surplus cash creating the consumption egging on the evolution of factories and labour practices, maids changing households when the master be needing a pinning. So many glimmers of modern way, like the mechanical calculator that only got produced in the 1950's the The U boat, horse racing, the list appears to endless, manpower plentiful and needed , now manpower plentiful but not needed as most man powered work is replace with a gadget that was seeded at this time by so many thinkers.

Paul Chapin  •  Link

"Us males make the big decisions and the better halves make the minor ones"
CGS's comment reminds me of a joke I've always found pertinent. A man told his friend, "My wife and I have worked out a good division of labor. She makes the small decisions and I make the big ones." The friend asked for some examples of the decisions the wife made. "Oh, what house to buy, what car to buy, where to send the kids for school, that sort of thing." The friend said, "Gee, those sound like pretty big decisions to me. So what decisions do you make?" "I decide what American policy in the Middle East should be, where the Federal Reserve should set the interest rate, how the Supreme Court should decide major cases, ..."

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Except that these days, the wife may be the one deciding US policy, the Fed, or the Supreme Court decision...Literally. It's even become acceptable among fairly macho types to wave the missus's accomplishments as a badge of honor...The position being that a woman like that would hardly settle for anything less than the best in a mate.

JWB  •  Link

Honey, can you spare a dime?

"Women's unemployment ran 8.6% in August, versus 10.6% for men. Not only is that two-percentage-point gap unusually wide historically, but until the early 1980s, the gap had been reversed, with the jobless rate of women almost always higher than that of men, in good times or bad." Gene Epstein, this week's 'Barrons'

ticea  •  Link

"Except that these days, the wife may be the one deciding US policy, the Fed, or the Supreme Court decision…Literally."

I've read that Harry Truman used to pack up his papers, head upstairs and discuss serious issues with "The Boss" - his wife Bess.

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