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About Friday 12 May 1665

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"He gone, come Mr. Povy,"

L&M: Povey appears as a witness to Thomas Pepys's signature on the agreement mentioned earlier in this entry.

About Wednesday 10 May 1665

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"In the Sir W. Warren and Mr. Deering at a taverne hard by with intent to do some good upon their agreement in a great bargain of planks."

L&M: Dering sent in a tender in July and a contract was agreed in September.

About Wednesday 10 May 1665

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"some soldiers, by the Duke’s order, to go keep pressmen on board our ships."

L&M cite evidence a platoon of men was sent by the following day.

About Sunday 7 May 1665

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"Yesterday begun my wife to learn to, limn of one Browne,"

L&M note: Pepys became dissatisfied with his wife's progress and came to resent both her neglect of domestic duties and Browne's presence at his table:
Later, however, he was delighted with his wife's pictures:
Browne appears to have given lessons also to Peg Penn: