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About Sunday 29 November 1663

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" Sir W. Batten...who has a good estate besides his office."

Lands at Easton St George's, Som., inherited from his father, and a house and property at Walthamstow, Essex. (R) (L&M footnote)

About Saturday 28 November 1663

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"By the authour (sic) of the first [part of Hudibras]," ie Butler, is dated 1664. "

Licensed on 5 November 1663, and bearing the date of the following year (as books appearing at the end of the year usually did). Pepys bought it on 10 December. For his initial dislike of the first part see

"bearing the date of the following year (as books appearing at the end of the year usually did)" (When did this begin?) [ and way OT?: "The practice of identifying automobiles by 'model-year' started in the U.S. Alfred Sloan, the long-time president and chairman of GM, extended the idea of yearly fashion change from clothing to automobiles in the 1920s. The Great Depression prompted other U.S. OEMs to also start selling "next" year's vehicles in October of the preceding year....In later decades, the model-year (October-September) became entrenched in the U.S. as new-model advertising was coordinated to the launch of the new television season in September.

About Friday 27 November 1663

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"My wife mightily pleased with my late discourse of getting a trip over to Calais, or some other port of France, the next summer, in one of the yachts, and I believe I shall do it"

SPOILER - Pepys and his wife did not go to France until 1669; in September-October visiting Holland, Flanders and Paris: Priv. Corr. , ii. 424.
(L&M footnote)

About Thursday 26 November 1663

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"we are going upon making of all ships coming from [Amsterdam] and Hambrough, or any other infected places, to perform their Quarantine (for thirty days as Sir Rd. Browne expressed it in the order of the Council, contrary to the import of the word, though in the general acceptation it signifies now the thing, not the time spent in doing it) in Holehaven"

On 11 November the Council ordered the Admiralty to have two small ships stationed as low in the river as possible to enquire of all incoming vessels whether they came from infected places. If they did, they were either to turn back to sea or to stay in quarantine in Hole (Holl, Holy) Haven, a creek on the s.-e. coast of Essex: PRO, PC 2/56, F. 311r-v. For certain other ships and goods, the period was forty days: ib. f. 300v. Hamburgh was the port from which Bohemian timber was shipped. (L&M footnote)

About Wednesday 25 November 1663

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"my Lord Albemarle in things before this great turn"

Albemarle had not been in touch with the King until immediately before the Restoration. (L&M footnote)