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About Wednesday 3 June 1663

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"the statute against selling of offices"

The much-evaded act of 1552 against corrupt buying and selling of offices. (5 and 6 Edward VI c. 16) See Court Patronage and Corruption in Early Stuart England By Linda Levy Peck, pp. 6-7.
It was the defects of this act which had now suggested the need for another bill.
(Per L&M footnote)

About Monday 1 June 1663

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In a footnote and the Index. L&M identify this chap as Sir ______ Estwick, a fencing-master.

About Sunday 31 May 1663

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"This day Sir W. Batten’s son’s child is christened in the country"

At Walthamstow, Essex; the child's father was William, elder son of Sir William. The child, too, was named William. (L&M footnote)

About Friday 22 June 1660

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meech, Helena surely refers to the grandfather of the late husband of the beshitten Lady Middlesex. That husband had been Lionel Cranfield, 3rd Earl of Middlesex (1625 – 26 October 1674), styled Hon. Lionel Cranfield from 1640 until 1651.

Cranfield succeeded his brother as Earl of Middlesex in 1651. Around 1655, he married Rachel [1613-1680], daughter of the Earl of Westmorland and widow of Henry Bourchier, 5th Earl of Bath. In May 1660, he was one of the six peers deputed by the Convention Parliament to invite the return of Charles II of England. He was appointed a Gentleman of the Bedchamber to Charles II in 1673. He died the following year without issue; his titles became extinct, and his estates passed to his nephew Charles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset.

Today she was probably 57. Here's an image of 'my old Lady Middlesex' in better days,...

Her page on the interwebs

About Thursday 20 September 1660

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"How many landlords were there? If Beale was the landlord who was Vanly? Is it something to do with leases?"

Indeed it does, and keenly noticed! The L&M Companion says Beale (Francis) was Pepys's landlord (1658-60) in Axe Yard. Beale had lived there since at least 1627-8, in a house whose freehold was owned by Valentine Wanley. Sometime before the diary opens, Beale moved to the Axe tavern. He died in 1662, and his widow Alice (b. Whitney), lived on till 1666.

About Wednesday 27 May 1663

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The Pepys-Hayter league's other side

Today Pepys begs Tom Hayter "that if he did hear or know anything that could be said to my prejudice, that he would tell me, for in this wicked age (specially Sir W. Batten being so open to my reproaches, and Sir J. Minnes, for the neglect of their duty, and so will think themselves obliged to scandalize me all they can to right themselves if there shall be any inquiry into the matters of the Navy, as I doubt there will be"

Sc. "if there shall be any inquiry into the matters of the Navy, as I fear there will be"!