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About Thursday 30 May 1667

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"the Duchesse of Newcastle...had desired to be invited to the Society; and was, after much debate, pro and con., it seems many being against it; and we do believe the town will be full of ballads of it"

A crude ballad believed to be about this occasion found in John Evelyn's papers has been attributed to him. This much of it is available online at this time:

But, Jo! her head-gear was so pretty,
I ne'er saw anything so witty;
Though I was half-afeard
God bless us! When I first did see her
She looked so like a Cavalier
But that she had no beard.

I doubt Evelyn wrote these lines its style is unlike anything else I have seen of Evelyn, and he had known the Duchess for years as he had noted in his diary:

25th April, 1667. Visited again the Duke of Newcastle,
with whom I had been acquainted long before in France,
where the Duchess had obligation to my wife's mother for
her marriage there; she was sister to Lord Lucas, and
maid of honor then to the Queen-Mother; married in our
chapel at Paris. My wife being with me, the Duke and
Duchess both would needs bring her to the very Court.

About Thursday 25 June 1663

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"Googling Nostradamus' quatrains, I haven't been able to find one that contains anything close to the prophecy mentioned here..."

dirk, FWIW, L&M also report this prophecy "Untraced" and say "It does not appear among those attributed to Nostradumus.""