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About Monday 28 September 1663

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"the King comes to town for certain on Thursday next from his progresse."

He had made a progress during the past month to Bath, Bristol and the West, and was returning via Oxford. (L&M footnote)

About Monday 28 September 1663

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"a sale of old provisions at Deptford...but I am not satisfied with the method used in this thing. "

The sale had been advertised on the Exchange on 19 September.
(Per L&M footnote)

About Sunday 27 September 1663

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"as if the Turks were stopped at Newsol"

Banská Bystrica; German: Neusohl; Hungarian: Besztercebánya) is a city in central Slovakia located on the Hron River in a long and wide valley encircled by the mountain chains of the Low Tatras, the Veľká Fatra, and the Kremnica Mountains.....The Ottoman Empire's thrust northwards led the magistrate to improve the city's fortifications with modern stone walls in 1589, but the Turks never occupied the region.

About Tuesday 22 September 1663

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"Every day brings newes of the Turke’s advance into Germany, to the awakeing of all the Christian Princes thereabouts, and possessing himself of Hungary. "

From June onwards a large Turkish army under Ahmed Kiuprili operating from Turkish territory in E, Hungary overran Transylvania and parts of W Hungary. It now threatened Austria ("Germany"). The Diet at Ratisbon [ Regensburg ] ordered prayers to be offered at midday every day for the protection of the Empire. This advance of the Turks -- for the first time in a hundred years -- made a profound impression on W. Europe. For reports at this time see The Newes , 17 September, p. 23. Hamburg and the Hanse Towns felt the alarm. Pepys (in common with the English newspapers of the time) gives a fair amount of attention to these events. The danger did not pass until the Turks' defeat at St Gotthard (W. Hungary) in August 1664. (Per L&M footnote)

About Sunday 20 September 1663

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Concerning travel: Pepys may not meed Sandwich's warrant

L&M reference a footnote to 22 July 1660 and a matter in this post:

Paul Brewster on 22 Jul 2003

"It was the first time that ever I went by water on the Lord's day."
L&M note: “Because of his official position Pepys was not subject to the general rules against Sunday hire.”

Do L&M think the issue is the hire of a horse? Puzzling: the horse is on loan.

About Friday 18 September 1663

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"the people of the place which if they be born there, they do call the Breedlings of the place"

I.e. Natives of the place. L&M say "Macaulay mistook the word for a proper name." (Footnote)