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About Friday 2 October 1663

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"at the ‘Change met with Mr. Cutler, and he and I to a coffee-house, and there discoursed, and he do assure me that there is great likelyhood of a war with Holland, but I hope we shall be in good condition before it comes to break out. I like his company, and will make much of his acquaintance."

William Cutler, hemp merchant, may well have spoken the views of that section of the mercantile interest which favoured a war. The government undertook serious naval preparations only in the following spring. The English began hostilities with Holmes's raids on the Dutch colonies in West Africa, and with attacks on Dutch commercial shipping which culminated in Allin's capture of the Smyrna fleet (December 1664). The English declaration of war came in March 1665. (L&M note)

An authoritative source on such matters in this period is N.A.M. Roger, The Command of the Ocean: A Naval History of Britain, 1649-1815.'s%20raids%20in%20west%20africa&f=false

About Thursday 1 October 1663

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"Since Bess' closet was apparently hung with fabric I wonder just what the painter was doing that took so much time. "

"About noon dined, and then to carry several heavy things with my wife up and down stairs, in order to our going to lie above, and Will to come down to the Wardrobe, and that put me into a violent sweat, so I had a fire made, and then, being dry again, she and I to put up some paper pictures in the red chamber, where we go to lie very pretty, and the map of Paris....That done downstairs to dry myself again, and by and by come Mr. Sympson to set up my wife’s chimney-piece in her closett"

The dockyard painter had the closet woodwork, trim and molding to do.

About Friday 23 August 1661

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"Also, the famous Gretna Green marriages took place because the age of consent was different in Scotland and England."

Gretna Green is a village in the south of Scotland famous for runaway weddings. It is in Dumfries and Galloway, near the mouth of the River Esk and was historically the first village in Scotland, following the old coaching route from London to Edinburgh.

About Saturday 28 September 1667

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"all the way he telling me romantic lies of himself and his family, how they have been Parliamentmen for Grimsby, he and his forefathers, this 140 years; and his father is now: and himself, at this day, stands for to be, with his father, by the death of his fellow-burgess; and that he believes it will cost him as much as it did his predecessor, which was 300l. in ale, and 52l. in buttered ale; which I believe is one of his devilish lies "

L&M clarify: Sir Frescheville Holles was elected on 24 October in place of the late Sir Henry Belasyse ( who was killed in a quarrel reported by Pepys: ) and thus became fellow M.P. for Grimsby with his father Gervase Holles, who had sat for the town in three parliaments since 1640. That was the extent of the family's parliamentary service for Grimsby.

The first Holles to be an M.P. was William, member for Nottinghamshire in 1553; Frescheville was perhaps enlarging on that fact; or he may have been misled by his family's residence in ot near Grimsby since 1558.

But his father was an antiquary and in the 1650s had written a family history and dedicated it to Frescheville himself. See Gervase Holles, Memorials of the Holles Family 1493-1656

Pepys himself later had cause to complain of election expenses: in 1673 his disputed election to Castle Rising, Norf. (a smaller constituency than Grimsby, which had c. 100 voters) cost him £700 instead of the £60 he had been led to expect: Further Corr., p. 287.