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About Monday 6 August 1666

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"So home; and there do hear also from Mrs. Sarah Daniel, that Greenwich is at this time much worse than ever it was, and Deptford too:"

L&M note at Deptford 406 deaths by plague were said to have occurred in 1665 and 522 in 1666. Evelyn several times recently refrained from attending church for fear of infection.

About Saturday 4 August 1666

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"to state to Mr. Coventry the account of the victuals of the fleete"

This account was in a letter (this date) of which an extract was sent to Rupert and Albemarle, the commanders of the fleet, who complained that Pepys had failed to mention the defective provisions, esp. the beer. (Per L&M note)

About Tuesday 31 July 1666

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"De Ruyter is safe, but lost 250 men out of his own ship; but that he is in great disgrace, and Trump in better favour."

On the contrary: de Ruyter received the thanks of the States-General; but made a critical report on Tromp's action in breaking off the main engagement to pursue Smith's squadron. Tromp was dismissed on 14/24 August (Per L&M footnote)

Tromp was criticized for splitting the Dutch fleet, as the English had been split in the Four Days Battle.

About Tuesday 31 July 1666

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"Then with Creed and read over with him the narrative of the late [fight]"

This was the official account: The victory over the fleet of the States General, obtained by His Majesties Navy Royal in the late engagement, begun the 25. of July instant. / As it came from His Highness Prince Rupert, and His Grace the Duke of Albemarle. Published by authority.

About Friday 27 July 1666

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"the generalls themselves acknowledge that they have permitted several ships to carry supernumeraries"

Pepys will later attribute the shortage of supplies to the number of unauthorized supernumeraries -- in evidence he gives to the Brooke House Committee investigation of the war (1669). (Per L&M note )

About Wednesday 25 July 1666

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"Lord! how little I should be pleased, I think, to have so many people crowding about me"

L&M say the practice of dining in public certain days each week was discontinued during the war, citing Evelyn, 7 August 1667, and say the crowding was by courtiers and servants.

About Tuesday 24 July 1666

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"by this means I shall with the better confidence get my bills out for my salary."

We are reminded by L&M that Pepys's salary as Surveyor-General for the Victualing was £300 p.a.