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Andrew Hamilton   Link to this

And the days dwindle...

Robert Gertz   Link to this

...To a precious few...

Don McCahill   Link to this

I suspect in a day or two we will see the "spent time writing diary entries for the past few days" entry. Usually when there are several short entries, it is a sign that Sam has missed a few, and will catch up from memory.

Barry P. Reich   Link to this

Where did all the words go? Is Sam growing weary of the daily obligation of the diary?

Tony Eldridge   Link to this

If Sam's eyes are troubling him so much, the diary probably has a fairly low priority.

Terry Foreman   Link to this

A sample of May 1665 short entries recording office-only days: time of year?





This year Pepys is also preparing for disability leave; keeping his nose to the grindstone and clearing his desk to prepare for the pre-leave crush of extra tasks that will come next month before he's away (it still happens to those who work).

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