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[Reconvening before the Restoration - repost of vk's anno for 21 April, 1660:]
The Independant minority purged the Presbyterians from the Commons in December 1648.
It was not until more than a month later, January 1649, that the Independants (a.k.a. the Rump) got into a disagreement with the House of Lords and decided they had the right to act all by themselves. A couple of months later they abolished the House of Lords.
Since Monck allowed the Presbyterians to return and thus restore the pre-1649 House of Commons, the Lords seem to feel that their abolishment has been negated. When the Commons summoned the upcoming Parliament, however, they did not say anything about the Lords.
Most of the House of Lords joined the King at the beginning of the civil war and have not sat in Westminster since. There were only twelve active Lords when the House was abolished in

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Regulating the Press.
Resolved, That the Persons who managed the Conference with the Lords upon the Bill for regulating unlicensed and disorderly Printing, have done well in the Managing thereof, and leaving the Bill with the Lords: And that Mr. Solicitor General, who was chiefly intrusted with this Business, have the Thanks of the House returned him for his Care and discreet Carriage therein.

From: British History Online
Source: House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 29 July 1661. Journal of the House of Commons: volume 8, (1802).
URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.asp?com...
Date: 27/02/2005

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