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Roger Pepys, son of Talbot Pepys of Impington, a barrister of the Middle Temple, M.P. for Cambridge, 1661-78, and Recorder of that town, 1660-88. He married, for the third time, Parnell, daughter and heiress of John Duke, of Workingham, co. Suffolk, and this was the wedding for which the posy ring was required.

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Two descriptions of his character:

"a good-humoured barrister"
-- Claire Tomalin's Pepys biography, p. 97

"CHARACTER: simple and well-meaning . . . honest"
--Robert Latham (cataloging some of Pepys's diary entries about Roger), Vol. 11 (Index volume), "The Diary of Samuel Pepys" (1995) p. 220.

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Roger Pepys's family

(with their ages as of 1 January 1660)

Talbot Pepys of Impington,76 (b. 1583)
Beatrice Castell

Thomas, MD of Impington

Roger himself: 42 (1617-88)

Talbot, 22 (1647-81)
Barbara, 15 (1644-89) "Bab"
Betty, 8 (1651-1716)

-- information from Pepys family tree in Claire Tomalin's Pepys biography, xii-xiii; and Robert Latham's Vol. 11 (index volume), The Diary of Samuel Pepys.

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The house of C spelt his name Pepis.

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