Friday 20 February 1662/63

Up and by water with Commissioner Pett to Deptford, and there looked over the yard, and had a call, wherein I am very highly pleased with our new manner of call-books, being my invention. Thence thinking to have gone down to Woolwich in the Charles pleasure boat, but she run aground, it being almost low water, and so by oars to the town, and there dined, and then to the yard at Mr. Ackworth’s, discoursing with the officers of the yard about their stores of masts, which was our chief business, and having done something therein, took boat and to the pleasure boat, which was come down to fetch us back, and I could have been sick if I would in going, the wind being very fresh, but very pleasant it was, and the first time I have sailed in any one of them. It carried us to Cuckold’s Point, and so by oars to the Temple, it raining hard, where missed speaking with my cosen Roger, and so walked home and to my office; there spent the night till bed time, and so home to supper and to bed.

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yar  •  Link

what does that word mean?

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Wonder if the significance of the name of that charming point will be bothering Sam's dreams over the next few?

The Pepys' bedroom...

"Why did she want Ferrers for her Valentine? Creed saying they visited every day at Brampton? Soooo attentive...Bastard!!"

"Sam'l? Sam?"


"Wake up, sweetheart. You've been having another nightmare."


"Aye, Pepys." Ferrers, holding Bess in his arms on the bed beside Sam, looks over to him with a smile. "Try and hold it down, will ye? The lady and I are busy here."

Creed standing by the bed, leering...

Arrggh!...Uh! Sudden sitting up in bed...

Phew...Bess looks at the still serenely sleeping Sam.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Oops...Forgot to mention that the King and Jamie were dancing at the foot of the bed, singing "Cuckolds all arow.."

Terry F  •  Link

Sorry no lyrics, but instructions by the dance master.

in Aqua Scripto  •  Link

"...had a call, wherein I am very highly pleased with our new manner of call-books, being my invention..." now Samuell can see if those named on the book, be real or they be someones figment of imagination [he remembers his little trip to sea and the call for padding, i.e. his extra help] or be missing, off helping someone in their garden and their cutting the grass with scythe, when he they should be seeing that the Mast Wood be kept dry and not be a termite restaurant.
He is trying to find those pesky lost fa[r]things.

Terry F  •  Link

"to Deptford, and there...had a call"

To have a call ~ apparently have a muster of all hands at the yard, or call out the yard (cf. the info on "call-books").

in Aqua Scripto  •  Link

"...Charles pleasure boat, but she run aground, it being almost low water,..." Boss says "take the 'Roller ' for test drive, but DON'T bend it, do ye hear"

Terry F  •  Link

"Have a call" - sc. have a roll-call

celtcahill  •  Link

Cuckold = A man whose woman is sexually involved with another without his khnowledge.

I believe the masts were soaked in brine or creosote to prevent rot.

Terry F  •  Link

No domestic dramas today

No mention of Bess's "termes," her fear of Sam's bringing Pall back in favor of Mary Ashwell, etc.

Funny how there are entries like today's after several when his domestic concerns play a far larger role; but life's like that.

A. Hamilton  •  Link

A Restoration frolic

Sailing to Cuckold's Point in the Charles pleasure boat. What's a Puritan lad doing in these waters?

JohnT  •  Link

Do we presume the " Charles " is a reference to the King ? Is there not a slight element of lese-majeste about this simple adjective with no connotation of royalty, divine right, his majesty's ship or whatever ?

in Aqua Scripto  •  Link

” Charles ” 'Tis a reference to his fast boat [jatcht]that he and Jimmy [no 2] run around in sometimes, 'til they tire of playing games and go back chaseing hinds. Then the Navy use it for many jobs running errands. The Dutch had these fast boats to supply their Cod* fearing Busses or was it red herring fearing buss trade. To day it appears tired of running up and down the Tems winning his furlongs on sea.

Bradford  •  Link

Make sure, pleasure-seekers, that you click on the link to find Terry F.'s estimate of today's location of Cuckold's Point.

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