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Situated on the River Thames, downstream of London Bridge and navigable to seagoing ships, it was the site of extensive docks. Pepys visited often and stayed in Greenwich during the Plague (1665) and Great Fire (1666).

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Pronounced Grennitch. London's Seaport
Situated on a bend in the Thames (Greenwich Reach) downstream of London Bridge and navigable to seagoing ships. It was the site of extensive docks. The area nearby is still called Docklands.
Greenwich is a Royal town. King Henry VIII, Bloody Mary and Elizabeth I were all born there.
Nowadays the home of the National Maritime Museum, The Queen's House (1635 - the model for the US White House), the Royal Observatory (1675), The Royal Naval College (1694) and of course the International 0 degree Prime Meridian and Greenwich Mean Time.
In 1665, there will be a stronger Pepys link than his visits to church and pub.
More here -
- but be careful, some Pepys spoilers.

Mary  •  Link

Also often pronounced Grinnitch.

vicenzo  •  Link

-----nice pix of "as it was" mod restoration of the restoration -----
The King, finding the old palace greatly decayed by time and the want of necessary repairs during the Commonwealth, ordered it to be taken down and commenced the erection

a map of the area 1786: Blackheath Greenwich park and then Woolwich

Michael Robinson  •  Link

Wenceslaus Hollar (Czech/British 1607-1677)

Long view of Greenwich with the future Royal Observatory on the left, the Queen's House in the centre and a view of the City of London in the distance.
Etching, 1637

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