Wednesday 20 May 1663

Up and to my office, and anon home and to see my wife dancing with Pembleton about noon, and I to the Trinity House to dinner and after dinner home, and there met Pembleton, who I perceive has dined with my wife, which she takes no notice of, but whether that proceeds out of design, or fear to displease me I know not, but it put me into a great disorder again, that I could mind nothing but vexing, but however I continued my resolution of going down by water to Woolwich, took my wife and Ashwell; and going out met Mr. Howe come to see me, whose horse we caused to be set up, and took him with us. The tide against us, so I went ashore at Greenwich before, and did my business at the yard about putting things in order as to their proceeding to build the new yacht ordered to be built by Christopher Pett,1 and so to Woolwich town, where at an alehouse I found them ready to attend my coming, and so took boat again, it being cold, and I sweating, with my walk, which was very pleasant along the green come and pease, and most of the way sang, he and I, and eat some cold meat we had, and with great pleasure home, and so he took horse again, and Pembleton coming, we danced a country dance or two and so broke up and to bed, my mind restless and like to be so while she learns to dance. God forgive my folly.

  1. In the minutes of the Royal Society is the following entry: “June 11, 1662. Dr. Pett’s brother shewed a draught of the pleasure boat which he intended to make for the king” (Birch’s “History of the Royal Society,” vol. i., p. 85). Peter Pett had already built a yacht for the king at Deptford.

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dirk   Link to this

"along the green come and pease"

...should be "corne and peas"

dirk   Link to this

"my walk, which was very pleasant along the green come and pease, and most of the way sang, he and I"

I can't help feeling a certain nostalgia here. Some of the things we're missing in our modern world...

in Aqua Scripto   Link to this

Time to enjoy oneself between events, now thee leave the office to go to a meeting in the next building and thee have a gizmo stuck in thy ear looking like a martian getting instructions from Venus.[proper harried thee be , a nice blud pressuring event.]

TerryF   Link to this

"the new yacht ordered to be built by Christopher Pett"

L&M say this was the Henrietta built to replace "the [Jemmy which Pepys saw 5 September 1662] ...set out from Greenwich with the little Dutch bezan, to try for mastery; and before they got to Woolwich the Dutch beat them half-a-mile (and I hear this afternoon, that, in coming home, it got above three miles); which all our people are glad of."

[There was a "Royal Navy Ship of the Line Henrietta Maria, Goddard, Deptford, 1633, Renamed Paragon in 1650 and lost ... Langport, Bright, Horsleydown, 1654, Renamed Henrietta after the Restoration. ... ]

A. De Araujo   Link to this

"God forgive my folly"
Samuel Pepys did not particularly like the Shakespeare plays he has seen so far;I wonder if he ever going to see "Othello"
and what is he going to say about the play.

in Aqua Scripto   Link to this

Samuell, this be democracy, wife and hubby, have one vote each , or would that be a toss of the coin, or dothe thee use 2 die. Naturally, Pemby does not get to vote, only use his influence to get a few extra quids for the extra steps.

TerryF   Link to this

"I wonder if he [is] ever going to see 'Othello'
and what is he going to say about the play."

11 October 1660 Samuel Pepys saw "'The Moore of Venice,' which was well done. Burt acted the Moore; ‘by the same token, a very pretty lady that sat by me, called out, to see Desdemona smothered."

Not much of a review, but less negative than usual for a play by Shakespeare.

Alan   Link to this

When they danced at home was there music or did they sing?

A. Hamilton   Link to this

Sam his own Iago

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