Monday 9 October 1665

Up, my head full of business, and called upon also by Sir John Shaw, to whom I did give a civil answer about our prize goods, that all his dues as one of the Farmers of the Customes are paid, and showed him our Transire; with which he was satisfied, and parted, ordering his servants to see the weight of them. I to the office, and there found an order for my coming presently to the Duke of Albemarle, and what should it be, but to tell me, that, if my Lord Sandwich do not come to towne, he do resolve to go with the fleete to sea himself, the Dutch, as he thinks, being in the Downes, and so desired me to get a pleasure boat for to take him in to-morrow morning, and do many other things, and with a great liking of me, and my management especially, as that coxcombe my Lord Craven do tell me, and I perceive it, and I am sure take pains enough to deserve it. Thence away and to the office at London, where I did some business about my money and private accounts, and there eat a bit of goose of Mr. Griffin’s, and so by water, it raining most miserably, to Greenwich, calling on several vessels in my passage. Being come there I hear another seizure hath been made of our goods by one Captain Fisher that hath been at Chatham by warrant of the Duke of Albemarle, and is come in my absence to Tooker’s and viewed them, demanding the key of the constable, and so sealed up the door. I to the house, but there being no officers nor constable could do nothing, but back to my office full of trouble about this, and there late about business, vexed to see myself fall into this trouble and concernment in a thing that I want instruction from my Lord Sandwich whether I should appear in it or no, and so home to bed, having spent two hours, I and my boy, at Mr. Glanvill’s removing of faggots to make room to remove our goods to, but when done I thought it not fit to use it. The newes of the killing of the [King of] France is wholly untrue, and they say that of the Pope too.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

I'm guessing Albemarle had no idea about Capt Fisher and the warrant when meeting with Sam but nice poker face if he did.

A. De Araujo  •  Link

"The newes of the killing of the King of France is wholly untrue,and they say that of the pope too."
Someone is spreading false rumors!but for what reason?

cgs  •  Link

Cato: Praeda Militibus Dividenda XI 3

A. Hamilton  •  Link

"There found an order for my coming presently to the Duke of Albemarle, and what should it be, but to tell me, that, if my Lord Sandwich do not come to towne, he do resolve to go with the fleete to sea himself, the Dutch, as he thinks, being in the Downes,"

Things aren't going well, and George Monck is getting impatient. (spoiler: he will replace Sandwich as head of the main fleet.)

The Dutch, it seems, are beginning to get the upper hand:
"For every warship the English built during the conflict, the Dutch shipyards turned out seven." Wikipedia, "The Second Anglo-Dutch War"

Robert Gertz  •  Link

I imagine the rumors are largely wishful thinking. Right now the situation is getting a bit desperate despite Sandwich's success and fear must be growing that a negotiated settlement, likely to the kingdom's disadvantage and certainly likely to bring public and Parliament to a boiling point, is becoming inevitable. In a weird way, the plague is the best thing for the government right now...Keeping Louis nervous about jumping in with an invasion force, keeping the Parliament, soldiers, and seamen at least willing to believe for the moment there's a valid reason for the government's incompetence. When the plague abates, things may really start to snowball disasterously.

I'm surprised about the Duke of York who has seemed fairly diligent and dutiful...Why hasn't he come down in person to secure the prizes for the Navy and demanded the funds be used to succor the seamen and repair and provision the fleet? It seems a fatal weakness that Jamie takes responsibility (and therefore blame) but doesn't act on it, leaving so much to subordinates like Monck and Sam. If he had come down to Sandwich's fleet, the looting would have immediately stopped and distribution of aid and money for the men could have already started, raising spirits. Of course even more than Sam, Sandwich and Penn, experienced commanders who know the men's suffering initimately, are largely to blame for allowing this debacle but Jamie is Lord High Admiral and the public and Parliament won't forget that. A great opportunity for the heir to turn things around and win hearts frittered away...


Even if the opportunity to cut Sandwich down to size will not be missed...

cgs  •  Link

When the pressure is on then one finds out who talks and who steps up to the wicket [plate]hits the ball over the boundary into the stands.

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