1640-? Samuel’s sister, she joined Pepys’ household as a servant in 1661, and was sent to Brampton in 1662 to look after their parents. Many potential husbands were named in the diary and she married John Jackson on 28 March 1667. They had three children.

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Paulina ("Pall") Sam's Sister

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from L&M Companion
Paulina (Pall) was born on 18 Oct. 1640 and entered Pepys's household as a servant in Jan. 1661. Pepys writes of her at this time as both ill-natured and ill-favoured. She was not thought worthy of being Elizabeth's waiting-woman and was made to stand in her presence. In the following August when her parents moved to Brampton she was sent there to look after them. By 1664 Pepys was trying to marry her off. Seven potential husbands are named in the diary....

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