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Gauden, Alderman Sir Denis was known by his estate as a map location;
GAUDEN (Gaudin), Alderman Sir Denis (d. 1688), kt. in 1667. Navy victualler 1660_77 for which he was rewarded by rarely receiving money from the crown and was bankrupted in consequence.
Sir Den: Gauden (Lord Mayor Treloar College?); shown on Taylor 1759, Milne 1791; is Froyle House on Greenwood 1826.

Sir Denis Gauden's House on the Left

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Sir Dennis Gauden's house at Clapham was purchased by Will Hewer, and there Samuel Pepys died in 1703.

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Gauden, Alderman Sir Denis (Navy Victualler)

Contractor for victuals during most of the life of English Tangier,was not in the habit of dispatching genorous quantities. Middleton in 1673 complained to the Lords Commissioners that although a shipment had just arrived it was hopelessly insufficient.

(The Army of Charles II...J.Childs)

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Dennis Gauden, Victualler to the Navy, subsequently knighted, while sheriff of London: the large house at Clapham, in which Pcpys died, was built by him, and intended as a palace for the Bishops of Winchester; his brother, Dr. John Gauden, at that time having expected to be translated from Exeter to that See, but he was promoted to Worcester. Sir Dennis was ultimately ruined, and his villa purchased by William Hewer.
---Diary and correspondence of Samuel Pepys, the diary deciphered by J. Smith. 1854.

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