Thursday 2 May 1667

To the office, where all the morning. At noon home to dinner, and then abroad to my Lord Treasurer’s, who continues so ill as not to be troubled with business. So Mr. Gawden and I to my Lord Ashly’s and spoke with him, and then straight home, and there I did much business at the office, and then to my own chamber and did the like there, to my great content, but to the pain of my eyes, and then to supper and to bed, having a song with my wife with great pleasure, she doing it well.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

The Royal Society today at Arundel House — from the Hooke Folio Online

May. 2. 1667 (Dr. Kings paper of mangy dog)

Dr. Lower of breaking the ductus thoracicus [… ]) Pequets vessell a Limpheduct from kidney to chyle Receptacle [… ].

mr. Hooke proposd tht Expt. of measuring the Circumference of the earth for next munday at St. James park at the chanell. Orderd tht the apparatus for it vizt a telescope of 12 or 15 foot & stakes to be ready for that time.…

Robert Gertz  •  Link

("I've another, if you like." "Why not, Bess?")

"I wish I 'ad some one to love me...SOOMeone to call me their own...

Someone to live wid' me always...I'm tired of livin' alone.

Beauoootiful light o' the ocean,

Beautiful light on the sea,

Beautiful light on the ocean;

Me love, I been waitin' for thee.

A hundred plus years I been married.

I wish I 'ad died an ole maid.

For I never seen nothin' but trouble,

My 'usband won't...Stick at his trade...

'e promised before we was 'arried,

That we'd be gallant and gay;

And every night of the winter

We'd go to some ball or some play.

I wish you'd go down to [wherever],

And get him away if you can,

For you never know what's going to 'appen...

To my foolish flirting young man....

For I have to get up in the mornin'

Labor and toil all the day;

And then in the evening go chase 'im

Then put our dear..." Tear running down one cheek... "...children away. ..

Oh..." Pause...


"Oh...What is the use of repenting;

Where there's a will there's a way.

Cause...Any old thing for a 'usband

Is better than to be an old maid.

Beautiful light on the ocean,

Beautiful light on the sea,

Beautiful light on the ocean;

My true love, I'm comin' for thee."

(Ummn...Oh... Weeping sound.


"Thank you. Bess? I stick at my trade these days...?"

"Of course, Sam'l. Sweetheart it's 2 am and it was just a song."

"'any old thing?...'"

"Just a song, honey."

"You just seemed so sad... I was home quickly today..."

"So you were and it was very nice."

Note to self...Music hath charms...Bess thinks, contentedly.)

A. Hamilton  •  Link

Great song!

Second Reading

Robert Harneis  •  Link

In some ways, this simple entry is Sam at his best.

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