Tuesday 7 January 1667/68

Up, weary, about 9 o’clock, and then out by coach to White Hall to attend the Lords of the Treasury about Tangier with Sir Stephen Fox, and having done with them I away back again home by coach time enough to dispatch some business, and after dinner with Sir W. Pen’s coach (he being gone before with Sir D. Gawden) to White Hall to wait on the Duke of York, but I finding him not there, nor the Duke of York within, I away by coach to the Nursery, where I never was yet, and there to meet my wife and Mercer and Willet as they promised; but the house did not act to-day; and so I was at a loss for them, and therefore to the other two playhouses into the pit, to gaze up and down, to look for them, and there did by this means, for nothing, see an act in “The Schoole of Compliments” at the Duke of York’s house, and “Henry the Fourth” at the King’s house; but, not finding them, nor liking either of the plays, I took my coach again, and home, and there to my office to do business, and by and by they come home, and had been at the King’s House, and saw me, but I could [not] see them, and there I walked with them in the garden awhile, and to sing with Mercer there a little, and so home with her, and taught her a little of my “It is decreed,” which I have a mind to have her learn to sing, and she will do it well, and so after supper she went away, and we to bed, and there made amends by sleep for what I wanted last night.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

The theater system fully functional again with training theaters, one the Nursery, churning out young actors and presumably, actresses. Of course actor/managers like Killigrew must have quietly kept things going during the Puritan years but still quite impressive after only seven years' restoration.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"actor/managers like Killigrew must have quietly kept things going during the Puritan years"

Indeed! And an under-appreciated figure is George Jolly, who, in the Puritan years, "organized a company of fourteen actors, his English Comedian Players, and led them around Europe from 1648 to 1659....After 1667, [ the theatre "duopoly" of ] Davenant and Killigrew were able to mollify Jolly somewhat by putting him in charge of "the Nursery," a school for the training of young actors."

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