Sunday 6 May 1666

(Lord’s day). To church. Home, and after dinner walked to White Hall, thinking to have seen Mr. Coventry, but failed, and therefore walked clear on foot back again. Busy till night in fitting my Victualling papers in order, which I through my multitude of business and pleasure have not examined these several months. Walked back again home, and so to the Victualling Office, where I met Mr. Gawden, and have received some satisfaction, though it be short of what I expected, and what might be expected from me. So after evened I have gone, and so to supper and to bed.

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First Reading

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"So after evened I have gone"

L&M have "So this evening I have given." and note that the sentence is incomplete. Wheatley was trying to make sense of nonsense (we all do).

JWB  •  Link

The art of the deal

"...Received satisfaction, though...short
...(gave) what might be expected..."


cgs  •  Link

"So after evened I have gone,"
Could it be meaning it was after our transactions were balanced, i.e. wot I expected and wot he gave we are now even but not 'appy.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

"...have received some satisfaction, though it be short of what I expected, and what might be expected from me."

So suddenly we're so unwilling to use figures, man of the world Pepys (Too much time in the company of the Houblons, I'd guess)...What 100Ls instead of the usual 300L?

"What's the matter with you now?" Bess, shaking head. "I said I wouldn't ask Browne to dinner."

"I can't get any satisfaction. I can't get any satisfaction!"

"How's about a quick reaction?" grin...Hug...

"I can't get...Well...Actually..."

"I thought so..." arch look.

"But in general...I can't get any satifsction...I can't get a quick reaction. When I'm riding in my coach and I'm buying this and I'm inquiring about that...And trying to make some...Ummn...Profit. I can't get any...Satisfaction."

"Ennui, my love...It happens."

"That's what I say...In other words, I can't get...No, Jane, I want the venison tomorrow, not today."

"Sorry, sir."

"You, see...No satisfaction."

Hmmn...No...Satisfaction...? "I know what you mean..." Bess sighs. Lord, I do...Eyeing him. "When Unthankes comes over to me and tells me how white my laundry could be...I can't get no...Satisfaction."


"Try it."

"I can't get no satisfaction? That's what I say."



"Hey, hey."

"Bess. What are you doing?"

"It kind of flows along, don't you think? Let me write it out. You could try setting it to music."

"I'm not setting 'I can't get no satisfaction' to music...What would a scholar friend of mine like John Evelyn say?"

"It was just an idea...Something we could do together. Without a Browne or a Pembleton..." shrewd look.


"I didn't say I couldn't set 'I can't get any satisfaction' to music."

"Jane! Ink and paper!!"

Second Reading

JayW  •  Link

“So after evened I have gone”
I read ‘evened’ as a reference to the settling of monies owed between Gauden and Sam.

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