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About Thursday 10 May 1666

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"A great deale of tittle tattle discourse to little purpose, I finding her, though in other things a very discreete woman, as very a gossip speaking of her neighbours as any body."

But cf. below 21 May 1667, where Pepys reports her gossip without complaint, perhaps because it was critical of the Penns. (L&M note)

About Monday 30 April 1666

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" my wife gone abroad to conclude about her necklace of pearle"

Pepys had promised on 22 August 1665 to give her a pearl necklace within two years at most, and in less if she pleased him i her painting, According to a family tradition, it survives as a family heirloom in the possession of the Pepys Cockerells; at one time there were four such 'Pepys necklaces' (inf. from J.L. Pepys nCockerellof Aldermaston, Berks.).

About Walter Raleigh

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In 1616, in a speech to the Star Chamber, James I talked about his “Prerogative or mystery of State,” proclaiming, “That which concernes the mysterie of the Kings power, is not lawfull to be disputed.” But monarchical notions about the royal prerogative were challenged by the very existence of books like “The Cabinet-Council, Containing the Cheif Arts of Empire and Mysteries of State, Discabineted,” [by Walter Raleigh] published in 1658. It was an age of political reformation, rich with arguments that knowledge that was once the privilege of the king ought to be revealed, taken out of the king’s cabinet. In the early modern world, a mystery came to mean any kind of secret that could be revealed to an ordinary man." Privacy in an age of publicity. By Jill Lepore

The cabinet-council containing the cheif [sic] arts of empire and mysteries of state : discabineted in political and polemical aphorisms grounded on authority, and experience : and illustrated with the choicest examples and historical observations / by the ever-renowned knight, Sir Walter Raleigh ; published by John Milton, Esq.
Raleigh, Walter, Sir, 1552?-1618., Milton, John, 1608-1674.
London: Printed by Tho. Newcomb for Tho. Johnson ..., 1658.
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