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About Wednesday 1 March 1664/65

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San Diego Sarah and Robert Harneis ask about the Hooke Folio posted here

Hooke Folio Online (Google that)

The Hooke Folio contains extracts from the Royal Society's Journal Books, followed by the rough minutes for the period of Hooke's secretaryship. This on-line edition also includes a number of supplementary papers, which were found with the manuscript and include contemporary indexes. You may start your scroll through the manuscript at any of these points.

Posted here are Extracts from Journal Books 1661-16…

About Friday 8 August 1662

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"[Mr. Coventry] answered, he would not force them; but that they should come to the Council of State, to give a reason why they would not."

L&M: The Privy Council of the early Stuarts (not the 'Council of State' of the Interregnum) had in that way coerced their unwilling subjects.

About Friday 8 August 1662

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""At noon came Mr. Coventry on purpose from Hampton Court to see the same, and dined with Mr. Falconer, and after dinner to several experiments of Hemp, and particularly some Milan hemp that is brought over ready dressed."

L&M: For hemp and the methods of stoving it, see… and… and…
John Falconer was clerk of the Ropeyard at Woolwich. and

About Wednesday 6 August 1662

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"Mr. Edward Montagu hath lately had a duell with Mr. Cholmely, that is first gentleman-usher to the Queen, and was a messenger from the King to her in Portugall, and is a fine gentleman; but had received many affronts from Mr. Montagu, and some unkindness from my Lord, upon his score (for which I am sorry)."

L&M: Edward Mountagu (Sandwich's first cousin) was Master of the Horse to the Queen, and had accompanied Sandwich on the voyage which had brought her from Portugal. There is a brief account of the duel in PRO, SP 29/58, no. 59.

About Wednesday 6 August 1662

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"So to my Lord’s; and he is also gone: this being a great day at the Council about some business at the Council before the King."

L&M: Presumably a committee meeting; the council register records no council meeting on this day.

About Monday 4 August 1662

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"so to the yard, and there mustered the whole ordinary"

L&M: The muster-book made on this occasion, mostly in a clerk's hand, with a few notes in Pepys's, is in Rawl. A187, ff. 321+. Pepys and Pett charged £6 5s. for their traveling expenses: PRO, Adm. 20/3, p. 63.

About Friday 8 May 1668

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His mathematical work concerned in particular the calculations of the lengths of the parabola and cycloid, and the quadrature of the hyperbola,[2] which requires approximation of the natural logarithm function by infinite series.[3] He was the first European to solve what is now known as Pell's equation. He was the first in England to take interest in generalized continued fractions and, following the work of John Wallis, he provided development in the generalized continued fraction of pi.

About Thursday 17 July 1662

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"Very late I was forced to send for Mr. Turner, Smith, Young, about things to be sent down early to-morrow on board the King’s pleasure boat, "

L&M: The yachts of the King and the Duke of Yptk were now to sail with the flotilla to France.

About Monday 7 July 1662

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"My morning’s work at the office was to put the new books of my office into order, and writing on the backsides what books they be, and transferring [so L&M] out of some old books some things into them."

L&M: A full list of the books remaining in the office on 12 October 1688 (but now untraced) is in BL, Add. 9303, ff. 124-5; printed in Mar. Mirr., 34/269-70. At the time of this entry Pepys began his private collection of official letters (10 July 1662-29 April 1679), now NMM, LBK/8: three volumes bound as one; partially printed by J. R. Tanner in Further Corr. of S. Pepys...(1929) and by E. Chappel in Shorthand Letters of S. Pepys (1933). The Memorandum Book now in the PRO (Adm. 106/3520) begins with a series of notes in Pepys's hand (July 1660-24 July 1662) probably made at this time.