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About Saturday 22 September 1666

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"must work to-morrow, which Mr. T. Hater had no mind to, it being the Lord’s day"

L&M: He was a nonconformist -- a Baptist or Quaker.

About Tuesday 18 September 1666

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"it was a sad rainy and tempestuous night. "

L&M: Dr D. J. Schove writes: 'Wood (L. & T., ii. 88) has a description of what was presumably the same wind(? tornado) on the previous day. "All the morning a grievous and blustery wind: the devil appeared at Westminster at [?and] Whitehall and frighted the gards out of their wits."

About Wednesday 12 September 1666

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"spoke with Michell and Howlett, who tell me how their poor young ones are going to Shadwell’s."

L&M: Young Mitchell (newly married to Betty Howlett) had kept a strongwater house in Thames St, now destroyed in the Fire.

About Saturday 8 September 1666

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"when it was offered to stop the fire near his house for such a reward that came but to 2s. 6d. a man among the neighbours he would, give but 18d. "

L&M: Sir Richard Browne is said to have given £4 to the men who risked their lives to rescue a chest containing £10,000: N. & Q., 15 April 1876, p. 306.

About Saturday 8 September 1666

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" Alderman Starling, a very rich man, without; children, the fire at next door to him in our lane, after our men had saved his house, did give 2s. 6d. among thirty of them, and did quarrel with some that would remove the rubbish out of the way of the fire, saying that they come to steal. "

L&M: His house (small for an alderman, having only nine hearths) was on the west side of Seething Lane. His will showed that he could be prudently generous. Pepys gave a tip of 5s. for thew recovery of some books on 21 September.