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Ralph Berry  •  Link

Or are the latest entries so brief because his eyes were giving him grief?

classicist  •  Link

One imagines that after all the play-going in his wife's absence, to say nothing of his holiday jaunt to Bath and Bristol, he has a backlog of work to get through.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

"Ah hem...Yes. As you can see from these last few days, Bess...And I am recording in my journal...My life continues in that solid, sober course from which it has never varied or wavered. Yes."

Oh, brother...Bess rolls eyes. If I didn't feel so sorry about those bug-eyes of his...


Australian Susan  •  Link

Many visits to Unthanke's in recent days for Bess. Sam trying to cheer her up? I hope we get descriptions of the clothes she is having made.

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