Saturday 27 January 1665/66

Up very betimes to finish my letter and writ it fair to Mr. Gawden, it being to demand several arrears in the present state of the victualling, partly to the King’s and partly to give him occasion to say something relating to the want of money on his own behalf. This done I to the office, where all the morning. At noon after a bit of dinner back to the office and there fitting myself in all points to give an account to the Duke and Mr. Coventry in all things, and in my Tangier business, till three o’clock in the morning, and so to bed, [Continued tomorrow. P.G.]

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

Cute...So this is a (more or less) phony letter of complaint by our uncompromising CoA and Surveyor General of Victualling regarding delays in service by Gawden, actually calculated to give him an excuse for noting lack of payment by the government? And should he get that payment, no doubt one Pepys gets another decent "gift"?

With all their modern methods of disinformation, our present-day defense department in "helping" its friends in the weapons contractor business with such things could hardly hope to do so well by them.

Isn't that Sir William Coventry, Sam?

Michael Robinson  •  Link

"Up very betimes to finish my letter and writ it fair to Mr. Gawden, ..."

Kasper Gutman: ... this is genuine coin of the realm. With a dollar of this, you can buy ten dollars of talk.

Lawrence  •  Link

I suppose the letter is for the duke of york? tomorrow at Hampton Court?

cgs  •  Link

do not forget the derivative value/future good will.

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