Friday 3 January 1667/68

At the office all the morning with Mr. Willson and my clerks, consulting again about a new contract with the Victualler of the Navy, and at noon home to dinner, and then to the office again, where busy all the afternoon preparing something for the Council about Tangier this evening. So about five o’clock away with it to the Council, and there do find that the Council hath altered its times of sitting to the mornings, and so I lost my labour, and back again by coach presently round by the city wall, it being dark, and so home, and there to the office, where till midnight with Mr. Willson and my people to go through with the Victualler’s contract and the considerations about the new one, and so home to supper and to bed, thinking my time very well spent.

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Australian Susan  •  Link

"...back again by coach presently round by the city wall, it being dark, ..."

Still not safe to drive through the city at night because of the fire damage: Sam does not want to end up in a cellar again.

Second Reading

Stephane Chenard  •  Link

Also on January 3, Wren wrote (and Sam likely received on the same day) from Whitehall a letter asking "in whose hands the Hardereen is, how she is to be disposed of, and at what value they compute her". This is recorded (at…) as a flyboat captured in 1665 from the Dutch, and its case must have been complicated as she will take another 3 years to sell.

And, on the same day, we can imagine Sam shaking his head at an item in the Gazette (dated December 23-27, but which must be hitting the street around today as it contains an article dated January 1) on the travails of poor Clarendon, whom Louis has now ordered to decamp to Rouen. And this is sandwiched between two notices of the plague breaking out again, in 50 houses in Lille and 50 houses in Douai, and of every vacant house comandeered in Douai for guns and ammo for the war in Flanders. His former lordship is now kicked around in a place full of war and plague, with extradition quite possibly in the cards...

Gerald Berg  •  Link

And with severe gout to boot! Apparently he could not walk unassisted.

john  •  Link

"and there do find that the Council hath altered its times of sitting to the mornings, and so I lost my labour"
A very diplomatic way of putting it, even for his private diary.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

The 3 decks site is wonderful, Stephane ... sadly, the links I looked for were all dead. I must poke round some more and find out what belonging means.

And I've been trying to figure out The Gazette webpage on and off for years. You will inspire me to try harder.…

Stephane Chenard  •  Link

The Gazette's website was designed by Isaac Newton, who had rediscovered the secrets of an ancient race of magicians. Alas, he encyphered it for use by other Initiates only, and that knowledge is now lost.

But there is a shortcut: the Invocation for number 221, the edition of December 26-30, is…

Use the template for any other edition; it comes out every 4 days or so. Uncharacteristically there's only one page for this one, but it's a good one ("Extra! Janissaries revolt in Constantinople! Behold the Extravagant Largesse of the new Cardinal de Medici! Ship sails from Hull with fish and lead!!") There is a Button to download the pdf, and a Clever Devyce that ordinarily allows to toggle to page 2.

This would be Mr. Muddiman's Gazette. Apparently his boss Mr. Williamson also sent a news-letter of his own, for which it would be interesting to find a similar archive. May I add that the French gazette of M. de Renaudot looks, by comparison, like something out of the 16th century?

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

THANK YOU! Years of entertainment lie ahead ...

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