News about this site and other Pepys-related events.

A guide to Pepys's shorthand

Kate Loveman has written a very clear and useful guide to reading the shorthand in which Pepys wrote his diary, Tachygraphy. Scroll down that page to download the PDF guide for an insight into how Pepys wrote, and the work involved in translating his diary entries into modern English.

Shorter URLs in annotations

You might have noticed, when reading annotations on a screen with a narrow width, like a phone held vertically, that a handful of annotations were slightly mis-aligned and some of their text disappeared off the edge of the screen.

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Pepys off Twitter

Today I’ve ceased the posting of tweets to the @samuelpepys Twitter account. I haven’t been happy using the service for a long time now, due to its current owner – and have stopped using it personally – but so many people enjoy Pepys on there that I didn’t want to deny them the pleasure.

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Museum of London resources about Pepys

Kate posted this to the discussion list and I thought it was worth highlighting here – various new resources from the Museum of London that feature Pepys. They’re aimed at young children – around age 6 or 7 – and are focused on the Great Fire of London, deaf Londoners, and the shorthand that Pepys used.

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