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Jane, daughter of John Pepys of South Creake, Norfolk, married to John Turner, Sergeant-at-law, Recorder of York; their only child, Theophila, frequently mentioned as The. or Theoph., became the wife of Sir Arthur Harris, Bart., of Stowford, Devon, and died 1686, s.p.

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Description of Jane Turner
from Bryant's Pepys bio:

"Jane Turner... who had been so kind to him as a child... had inherited her father's house in Salisbury Court, where she lived with her husband (a wealthy Yorkshire lawyer), and a brood of merry children... Mrs Turner had lost nothing of her youthful taste for larks and escapades or of her kindliness, though the latter had taken a slightly devotional turn; she was a great pillar of St Bride's Church."

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Sister of Edward Pepys: http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclopedia/342/

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According to this family history there was a son charles:(1652-1719) a year younger than Theo?
Jane ( 1614-84?)married John Turner son of John Turner and Elizabeth Colthurst about 1648 in Kirkleatham, Yorkshire, England.

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Jane Turner (1623-86) provided her cousin Sam with the safe and recuperative environment in which to have his stone surgery in 1658, the large house in Salisbury Court she shared with her lawyer husband and their children.

The children of Jane (nee Pepys) and John Turner:

Charles, married Margaret, daughter of Sir William Cholmley, Bt

Theophila "The" (b. 1552) married Sri Arthur Harris of Hayne, Devon in 1673

William, married Mary, daughter of Sir David Foulis.

Elizabeth "Betty", married William, son of Sir William Hooker.

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