Wednesday 17 June 1663

Up before 4 o’clock, which is the hour I intend now to rise at, and to my office a while, and with great pleasure I fell to my business again. Anon went with money to my tar merchant to pay for the tar, which he refuses to sell me; but now the master is come home, and so he speaks very civilly, and I believe we shall have it with peace. I brought back my money to my office, and thence to White Hall, and in the garden spoke to my Lord Sandwich, who is in his gold-buttoned suit, as the mode is, and looks nobly. Captain Ferrers, I see, is come home from France. I only spoke one word to him, my Lord being there. He tells me the young gentlemen are well there; so my Lord went to my Lord Albemarle’s to dinner, and I by water home and dined alone, and at the office (after half an hour’s viallin practice after dinner) till late at night, and so home and to bed. This day I sent my cozen Edward Pepys his Lady, at my cozen Turner’s, a piece of venison given me yesterday, and Madam Turner I sent for a dozen bottles of her’s, to fill with wine for her. This day I met with Pierce the surgeon, who tells me that the King has made peace between Mr. Edward Montagu and his father Lord Montagu, and that all is well again; at which; for the family’s sake, I am very glad, but do not think it will hold long.

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A. De Araujo   Link to this

"I brought back my money to my office"
That is not his money,is it?

tel   Link to this

“I brought back my money to my office”
I suspect that Sam caught the tar sellers out by finding a clerk who did not realise he was from the Navy Office and who quoted him a fair price. Having been thwarted by the cartel, Sam has another try using his own money to try to prove the point.

TerryF   Link to this

Spreading good cheer, reinfording family ties.

What to do with a house full of meat and drink and Bess and Ashwell,are away?

The venison is for the lovely wife of Edward.

5 June 1663 - "So to Mr. Turner’s, and there saw Mr. Edward Pepys’s lady, who my wife concurs with me to be very pretty, as most women we ever saw."

The wine is for the mother of dear The[ophila].

TerryF   Link to this

Ahhh, that's 'reinforcing' family ties.

Robert Gertz   Link to this

Good to see Sam never forgets cousin Jane Turner...

Wonder if The and Wayneman ever hang out (or at least speak)? I know the social barrier is there but they are close in age and I'd bet Wayneman would never let a thing like class difference prevent him from chatting up a pretty girl even if it meant an ear box from Sam later. The with her bratty precociousness would probably play it Estella to his Pip but she might like his rebellious streak.

And she would've been smart enough to engineer the Great Claret Robbery.

dirk   Link to this

What Capt. Ferrers has been doing in France -- on My Lord's behalf


Australian Susan   Link to this

Robert G - love the Great Expectations analogy! And the speculation about the wine thieving!

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