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About Calendar

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For the whole of Sam's diary, it's quite simple: add 10 days to Sam's dates to find Gregorian dates, and if necessary subtract the total days in this month to find the date next month:

(eg: Julian 23rd January + 10 days = 33rd January, - 31 days = 2nd February Gregorian.)

The previous links to find 17th century moon phases are dead; the current NASA resource is below:

About Thursday 23 January 1661/62

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The above links to find moon phases are dead. The current NASA page for the 17th century is below; dates being given by the Gregorian Calendar. For the whole of Sam's diary, it's quite simple: add 10 days to Sam's dates to find Gregorian dates.

(23rd January + 10 = 33rd, - 31 = 2nd February.)

According to NASA the full moon is at 05:42 on 3rd February, so this is effectively the night of the full moon. The full moon will be fairly high in the sky: where you'd expect the sun to be in late July/early August, because the full moon in winter follows the approximate path of the sun in summer and vice-versa.

About Wednesday 22 January 1661/62

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To dot this particular "i", Charles Fleetwood was not a regicide: he did not have any role in the trial of Charles I and did not sign the death warrant. As Cromwell's son-in law, and a senior and popular army commander, he was too prominent to leave free but, like all of the very closest of Cromwell's surviving family and friends, he was allowed to live out his life.

The bodies of the deceased regicides were ritually punished and humiliated, but, apart from a few high profile examples, the living were treated with relative circumspection compared with the savage regime changes under the Tudors. That's why history speaks of a 'Bloody Mary', but not of a 'Bloody Charles'.

About George Mountagu

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It's clear from the family tree that George was the younger brother of the second Earl of Manchester, and the first cousin of Sandwich, not a "distant" cousin.

About Monday 20 January 1661/62

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Calais or Cadiz? I would guess that the good gentlemen know perfectly well where sherry comes from, but that this particular shipment has been brought in from/via Calais.

It's also interesting that Sam is topping up his sherry barrel with Malaga wine. Most sherries are naturally dry. Medium dry and cream sherries are sweetened by adding varying amounts of very sweet wine, usually made from the Pedro Ximenez grape, or occasionally Muscatel. The latter two grape varieties are also grown in the Malaga region, as well as Jerez, and used to make the intensely sweet fortified Malaga wines. So Sam was anticipating modern practice, even if his two wines came from different Spanish regions.

4 gallons of Malaga to top up a wine-hogshead of 70 or so gallons would mean that the wine should not be over sweet.

About Col. Henry Honywood

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Mary Honywood (1527 – 1620), their great-grandmother "had 367 descendants in her lifetime".

"She achieved this by having sixteen children herself who in turn had 114 grandchildren. In her lifetime they had 228 great grandchildren and they had nine great great chandchildren. Honywood died at the age of 93."