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About Sunday 24 January 1663/64

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I first became aware of the Duchy of Savoy as a result of watching a children's TV adventure series, 'The Flashing Blade', round about 1970.

Although (very loosely) based on the War of Mantua/Monferrato Succession, the series took huge liberties with both history and geography, including moving the fortress of Casale from Piedmont to the Pyrenees.

About Monday 18 January 1663/64

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Re the discussions as to whether Mr Benson was Dutch or not, one should remember that the Netherlands was never linguistically uniform, being home to a fair number of languages/dialects, some more Scandinavian, others more German in character. This is/was further complicated by the maritime trade between the neighbouring states of this area.

One interesting group of dialects/lanuages is Frisian, very closely related to English.

About Monday 11 January 1663/64

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Many people have tremors to a greater or lesser degree. A common form, "essential tremor" runs in my own family: some have it very mildly, and others more severely. Essential Tremor is rather more common than Parkinson's disease, but to a casual observer the symptoms are similar. My father had ET early in life, which was made much worse by shellshock, having been blasted from the turret of a tank, in WWII. Strangely enough, for much of his life he was involved in professional and amateur dramatics, and it did not interfere with his stage performances.

Sir John Lawson may have been suffering from some form of ET, exacerbated by his own experiences.

About Monday 11 January 1663/64

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A new (to me) meaning of the word loggerhead, as a "Blockhead or fool" (Wiktionary)

Quote "Ah, you whoreson loggerhead, you were born to do me shame!"
(1590, William Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost, IV. iii.)

Sir John Robinson had some cause to boast as, not only was he Captain of the Tower, but he had also been Lord Mayor in the previous year, which meant that he was also in charge of the City magistrates and militia.

About Sunday 10 January 1663/64

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If "turned their nose up" is the correct expression in this case, it was the company that Sam & Bess were eschewing on New Year's Day, and not the dish.

Swans belong to the monarch who, as 'Seigneur of the Swans' has the right to dispose of them, hence swan is a royal dish. As Mary pointed out in the Jan 1 annotations, Sandwich was Master of the King's Swans. Will Howe, Sandwich's servant had brought the swan(s) to Pepys, presumably at his master's behest, and they were a very high status gift.