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About Wednesday 19 August 1663

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Re "Hollyard" Hollier: this still happens today: a local teacher named Hillier was known as "Hillyard" by many of the students and parents.

About Tuesday 11 August 1663

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Perhaps the reason that Sam can "order" Tom to bring his accounts is that it's still technically John Senior's business, but managed by Tom subject to Sam's oversight as his dad's representative?

Re "list": the word also means to lean physically, and presumably metaphorically. The truncated sentence is "Dr Pierce tells me that ... Lady Castlemaine ... do what she list with him", that is, whatever her whim is today. (He tells me that she "do", rather than she "does", is an example of the semi-archaic present subjunctive in reporting an action: it derives from the German, where it's still common.)

As for Mrs Turner, I believe that "she do what she list" with our Sam. For good reasons, there is no relative outside immediate family to whom he is more attached. Although, as a Pepys, uncle Thomas is her relative too, it's not him she's come to see!

About Sunday 9 August 1663

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If young Dawes is having the letters patent given him, then he's the first baronet.

If the other gent was his father, then he was merely a knight, which, unlike a baronetcy, is not a hereditary title.

Baronetcies are a new title anyway, created by James I to raise funds, ie sell. The prostitution of the British honours system has a long history!

About Saturday 8 August 1663

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It's worth mentioning that John Pepys' near contemporary, Young Isaac Newton, was also currently at Cambridge, where he too was supplementing his Aristotle with Descartes.

It's likely of course that young Newton was taking both more seriously. Although Wiki describes Newton as "undistinguished" at Cambridge, it's also clear that he was already doing a considerable amount of work on his own account. :)

About Sir Edward Mountagu ("my Lord," Earl of Sandwich)

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It may be of interest that Sandwich's descendant, John Montagu, the 11th Earl, is one of the 92 hereditary peers still entitled to sit in the House of Lords:

He has been active recently, advocating the case of farmers, who fear that their finances might be damaged by the recent Brexit vote in the EU referendum.

About Monday 27 July 1663

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Re Pepys' "snapp of musique" - today they'd call it a "flashmob"! :)



The Royal Assent:
Le Roi (Roy) le veult: the King wills it;
The Royal Veto:
Le Roi s'avisera: the King will consider it.

For private bills, eg enabling railways, granting a university charter, and, historically, granting divorce, the assent take the form of "Soit fait comme il est désiré" ("let it be as it is desired").

About Monday 20 July 1663

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Malaga wine is very difficult to get outside Spain, but it's worth tasting, being intensely sweet and strong, like liquefied alcoholic raisin.

The closest to Malaga wine which is readily available is pure Pedro Ximenez sweet sherry, but muscat in any blend, as Malaga has, always improves the flavour of a sweet wine.

A drop will turn ordinary ice-cream into something special!