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About Saturday 18 June 1664

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Re Penn and the Irish business.

One should remember that Penn was now a significant landowner in Ireland, and that his holdings there were managed by Lady Penn. I imagine that his contacts and knowledge would be valuable to the Duke. I think that on this matter Coventry is wiser than Pepys.

About Sunday 29 May 1664

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Coventry " seems to think that there may be some negotiation which may hinder a warr this year, but that he speaks doubtfully as unwilling I perceive to be thought to discourse any such thing."

Then as now, it was considered weak and unpatriotic to be a peacemonger. How many millions have been killed or maimed for the sake of a "leader"'s image?

About Tuesday 24 May 1664

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I would guess that "daughter and three children" meant a (near) adult daughter and three much younger children.

Robert was being a bit naughty at comment #5. Apart from the fact that both the Pepys' had been doing their best to avoid Uncle Fenner since his remarriage, there is absolutely no reason why Sam should have "great expectations", or any expectations at all, of "dear ole Uncle Fenner". After all, Fenner was not a blood relative himself, but merely his deceased aunt's widower. The only people, other than his second wife, now widow, who might have any expectations would be Fenner's daughters (Pepys' cousins), Mary and Kate Joyce. I imagine that is for their sake alone that Sam and Elizabeth will attend Fenner's funeral.

About Sunday 22 May 1664

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Re veggies:
in the next century, another Sam, Dr Johnson, wrote this piece of nonsense:

"If a man who Turnips cries,
Cry not when his father dies,
'Tis a proof that he had rather
Have a turnip than his father."

So Johnson was at least aware of the existence of turnips: of course whether he actually ate them or not is another matter!

About Saturday 14 May 1664

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Bridget: it seems that getting cold is usually the prequel to Sam's kidneystone flare-ups. Perhaps getting a little chilled there causes the salts to precipitate in his kidneys?

About Friday 13 May 1664

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It's worth looking at the encyclopedia entry for William Prynne (Mr Prin): together with his late persecutor, Archbishop Laud, one of the most unattractive characters of the 17th century: priggish, self-righteous, vengeful and sanctimonious to a fault.

Although he was an opponent of Laud and Charles I, he was not interested in liberty, but merely wanted his own views to be imposed uniformly by a theocratic state. His post restoration obsequiousness to Charles II is particularly nauseating. It's difficult to believe that he was popular in the Cavalier Parliament: perhaps royal favour protected him>