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About Saturday 5 July 1662

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“... Sir W. Pen, who I hate with all my heart for his base treacherous tricks, but yet I think it not policy to declare it yet ...”

Sam is thinking in the Japanese way!

“.., by universal custom, your enemy is never more polite than when he is planning or has planned your destruction.” (James Clavell, Shōgun)

About Monday 30 June 1662

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Thanks as ever for your informed and insightful comments Jeannine! :)

The Carterets and the Sandwiches grow closer: this is in Sam's interest, as one is his patron, and the other is his boss. In view of recent disagreements, it does no harm to have a show of support in the office!

About Sunday 29 June 1662

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"encrease": an interesting obsolete spelling of increase - as opposed to "engorge" which has an archaic spelling of "ingorge" :)

About Sunday 29 June 1662

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A. Hamilton (above) has it. On 3rd June Penn tried to pull rank on Pepys, speciously to redefine office roles and was overruled, presumably by Coventry and/or Carteret.

It was a cunning ploy: Penn claimed that drawing up the the heads of a contract was the comptroller's prerogative. However, the comptroller (Minnes) was not there, so Penn assumed the right to instruct Minnes' personal clerk Turner, who was a sort of rival to Pepys, having sought to buy his position from him.

Although Penn undoubtedly had seniority, this little contretemps, a failed coup really, firmly established that he was merely a colleague, and not Pepys' boss!

About Saturday 21 June 1662

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"... hearing from my wife and the maids’ complaints made of the boy, ..."

reminds of the first time I was caned as a 10 year old in 1965. My class teacher, the dreaded Miss P, didn't like kids much. A mixed group of us got a bit rowdy one wet lunchtime and all the boys got caned on the hand after she wound the headmaster up about us. At least it was only on the hand. A couple of years later, I remember the the deputy headmistress in my secondary school making a classmate of mine drop his trousers and caning him in front of the class. Corporal punishment wasn't abolished in British state schools until the late 1980s. The decision was far from universally popular amongst parents, but, to be fair, the Deputy in the school I worked in expressed his great relief that he wouldn't have to do it any more!

About Saturday 14 June 1662

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It's worth mentioning that, despite the odd comment here, Vane was NOT a regicide, else he had already been despatched by a less honourable and more barbarous method.