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About Thursday 7 May 1663

Phil Gyford  •  Link

Regarding the earliest annotations here – I've now re-ordered the paragraphs to match the order given in L&M.

About Saturday 31 December 1664

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He's not dead yet Mary Ellen! See the first footnote to today's entry - Samuel must have updated the list with "mort" on one or more later dates.

About Saturday 28 February 1662/63

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Just a note to say... sorry the front page was broken briefly - pesky leap years!

But also, let's try to keep things on-topic. I realise the discussion about whether America was "raped" or not began with a ten-year-old annotation, but please try not to stray too far from what's relevant to today's diary entry. Thanks!

About Richard Pepys (cousin)

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No, the Richard Pepys who was Lord Chief Justice of Ireland isn't mentioned in the diary; Wheatley was correct. This Richard is his son, as the 1893 text describes.

About Friday 3 January 1661/62

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I've corrected the Lord Crew link and added some more explanations to his page and a few relations, in an effort to clarify things in future!

About Sunday 29 March 1663

Phil Gyford  •  Link

Nine years later I've changed the "my man William" link from Will Howe to Will Hewer. Better late than never!