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Shepley serves the Admiral well. However, the Admiral often serves Shepley into a well. It is most unfortunate for both respective stations.

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Description of Shepley
from Bryant's Pepys bio:

"Though Montagu's household in London was small enough, Pepys at its head was a member of a far vaster and more important organization. Down at Hinchingbrooke were the officers of a great rural magnate's establishment

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from L&M Companion
Shipley (Shepley), [Edward]. Sandwich's steward. His main charge after 1662 was the Hinchingbrooke household, but from 1659 until 1662 he helped Pepys with the management of the Whitehall lodgings. He accompanied Sandwich on the Dutch and Mediterranean voyages in 1660 and 1661-2. The diary has many complaints of his inefficiency and in 1668 he was dismissed because of 'age and good-fellowship' (ix.475). He usually signed his name Shipley. The Pepys Library has a book given by him to Pepys.

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