Wednesday 18 April 1660

This morning very early came Mr. Edward Montagu on board, but what was the business of his coming again or before without any servant and making no stay at all I cannot guess. This day Sir R. Stayner, Mr. Sheply, and as many of my Lord’s people as could be spared went to Dover to get things ready against to-morrow for the election there.

I all the afternoon dictating in my cabin (my own head being troubled with multiplicity of business) to Burr, who wrote for me above a dozen letters, by which I have made my mind more light and clear than I have had it yet since I came on board. At night sent a packet to London, and Mr. Cook returned hence bringing me this news, that the Sectaries do talk high what they will do, but I believe all to no purpose, but the Cavaliers are something unwise to talk so high on the other side as they do. That the Lords do meet every day at my Lord of Manchester’s, and resolve to sit the first day of the Parliament. That it is evident now that the General and the Council do resolve to make way for the King’s coming. And it is now clear that either the Fanatiques must now be undone, or the gentry and citizens throughout England, and clergy must fall, in spite of their militia and army, which is not at all possible I think. At night I supped with W. Howe and Mr. Luellin (being the first time that I had been so long with him) in the great cabin below. After that to bed, and W. Howe sat by my bedside, and he and I sang a psalm or two and so I to sleep.

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WKW  •  Link

Modest definition of "Fanatics" posted on its link.

vincent  •  Link

"bringing me this news, ....high what they will do, purpose, but the Cavaliers ..unwise to talk so high on the other side as they do. ".
It speaks volumes. Keep your Opinions it will not do you well in the future"
Our SP plays a good hand. Good advice that should be listened too.

Alan Bedford  •  Link

Nice to see that Burr is back on board. Did I miss his return from AWOL status, or did Sam simply not comment?

It's also notable that Sam seems to greatly enjoy the press of business, and the sense of accomplishment in dealing with it.

Keith Wright  •  Link

It was on 5 April that Burr went missing; on the 6th, brother-in-law Balty (Balthasar St. Michel) was put into Burr's cabin. No doubt he was gone by the time Burr came back, his return unannounced, though perhaps the great number of letters written over the past few days suggests Pepys did not work unassisted. This will not be the last time Burr takes a flyer.

Emilio  •  Link

Mr. Luellin
After the long discussion a while back on who gets to be a "Mr.", I'm intrigued to find "Mr. Luellin" appearing here, I think for the first time. And this in the same breath as Sam notes it's "the first time that I had been so long with him." L&M identify this as the old familiar Luellin, and also concur that for now he gets the title before his name.
Perhaps Sam isn't feeling quite so close now that he's moving on to bigger things. I am a bit sad to think of the old gang already drifting apart, though.

vincent  •  Link

Emilio- "Mr" 'tis life in the fast lane

M.Stolzenbach  •  Link

I think it's nice to note that, though the "Fanatiques" are out of court, it's still a pleasing, relaxing and perhaps prayerful thing to sing a couple of psalms before bed.

For a view of how an earlier generation reacted to the Puritans, see Shakespeare's character Malvolio in TWELFTH NIGHT.

WKW  •  Link

---"Twelfth Night," wherein Malvolio, thinking to please the Lady Olivia, winds up cross-gartered in yellow, a color she detests! Love has a lot to answer for, even the Puritan variety.

jeannine  •  Link

Sandwich's Journal Entry today

"Wednesday. In the morning the Hon. Edward Mountagu, Esq. came on board the Naseby. [In margin-returned from Flanders with letter to me from the King and Duke] The Kent and Reserve sailed away."

Bill  •  Link

one who pretends to Inspiration and Revelations
--- An Universal Etymological English Dictionary, 1675

Dick Wilson  •  Link

Thank you Jeannine, for your most enlightening post! To summarize the news: The people who ought to be pleased by the prospect of restoration, are making happy preparations. The people who should be displeased by the prospect of restoration are making ineffectual protests and taking precautions. Sandwich continues in correspondance with both the King and the Duke. I hope it is not a spoiler to note that James, Duke of York, will shortly become commander of the Navy, and, as such, will be particularly important to Sandwich and Pepys. This correspondance seems to indicate that Charles' decision to appoint James Lord High Admiral was already in the works, before the restoration. Otherwise, why correspond with the Duke at all?

Mary K  •  Link

Why correspond with the Duke at all?

Because it's a good idea to be nice and polite to the brother of the King. Pepys, our diarist, certainly doesn't yet know what role James might play in months to come; Sandwich probably doesn't know. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Chris Squire UK  •  Link

The temptation to show off by posting spoilers is strong - but should be resisted. Let us react to the day's events as it they'd just happened and we, like Samuel, have no idea what the morrow would bring.

Otherwise, what's the point of reading the diary as a blog? Anyone who wants to jump ahead and see what happens can do so.

Dick Wilson  •  Link

It is not really a spoiler. There was a reference in a footnote to yesterday's entry, to Sandwich's dealing with James as High Admiral.

Gillian Bagwell  •  Link

Hi, friends of Sam,
This note doesn’t particularly related to today’s entry, but I hope will be of interest to those following the diary.
I recently came across the excellent article by John Phillips on William Bagwell, the shipyard carpenter of Deptford, posted here on July 18, 2012. (Those reading the diary for the first time will have to wait to learn why Bagwell is significant to Sam!)

Using the information from Phillips’s article, I set up a family tree for William Bagwell on, and also immediately found there christening records for two siblings of William not mentioned in the article. I haven’t added Mrs. Bagwell to the tree yet.

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