Thank you all so much for taking part over the past 9 years and 5 months – or however long you’ve been here for!

I’m going to update this post on Wednesday with some statistics and graphs about the site over the past nearly-twenty-years, so come back to see that.

[UPDATE: I decided to create a new post just for the stats.]

For now, feel free to use the comments to say hi, thank your favourite annotators, or share any other thoughts or memories from all this time spent here together.


Second Reading

Mike Zim  •  Link

Your daily feeds have been the manna in the small wilderness of my room.
Thanks to you, and to all the commentators.
Columbus, Ohio

Dave Bonta  •  Link

Thanks to Phil, Terry, San Diego Sarah and all the other annotators for really bringing this text to life. My own deep (mis-)reading involved making an erasure poem out of every entry, which has been a fun challenge for the past nine and half years, and completely changed my approach to poetry. Pepys' concrete and earthy language was always a delight.

Louise Hudson  •  Link

So sorry to see it end and sorry to have to say goodbye to Phil and the annotators. Thanks to Phil for a great ride with Pepys et al.

Eric the Bish  •  Link

Many many thanks, Phil, for all your efforts. In a world full of lunacy the diary has been a daily thread of sanity. Dare we hope, please, for a third cycle?

Bintisabella  •  Link

Massive thanks to Phil and all the brilliant annotators for this wonderful daily visit to 17th century London and beyond. I will miss you all very much.

Sue  •  Link

Phil, thank you so much for the delight you bring with this diary. I personally must go through the cycle again as Sam's email in my inbox everyday gives me a sense of balance, of a world turning, yet changing little. I cannot do without Sam now. Thank you so very much.

The Greenwich Patriot  •  Link

To join with so many others to thank you Phil SO MUCH for the daily delight. And please could we have a third round - there is always so much more to discover on re-reading, and the annotations add even more.

Tom Adshead  •  Link

Thank you so much for doing this - I have been sitting in Moscow these past few years and the daily transport to London in the 17th century has been a recurring delight. I just finished Claire Tomalin’s biography the other day. My father was a huge Pepys fan, and I wish I had had all of this 20 years ago as it would have been a joy to talk about it with him.

Plan B  •  Link

Like many others who follow and love this site, I start my morning every day with a cup of tea and the diary. Being a very late-comer I only came on board last year but reading the annotations I am able to share the joy and enthusiasm that the many followers expressed during the first cycle of the diary. And though I only got on the train at the last station I feel that already know so many of you and I will miss all your contributions. I do hope that Phil, or someone, will run the cycle a third time, but if not then I will start again next January in 1660 and will read the diary day-by-day then.
Thank you so much for all your labours Phil, and thank you to Terry, Robert, San Diego Sarah and the rest of the crew - love you all.

Cliff  •  Link


Astonishing just how much interest remains in this incredible man after all these centuries - witness all the books which continue to be published. Jacky Collis Harvey's wonderful Walking Pepys' London being the latest.

Your hard work in settting up this site AND re-running it a second time has been so much appreciated by all your readers who will miss their daily 'dose'.

Thanks so much and hope that Sam's sadness at ending his diary doesn't colour your world too much - it certainly did me.

Best wishes,


Sjoerd22  •  Link

Hi Phil, thanks for keeping on keeping this up!
We are hoping for a next cycle... maybe this time around we will be able (again) to have a proper Pepys' Birthday Bash on february 23rd, covid and Brexit restrictions permitting. I really enjoyed the last one!
Wishing everybody a perfect eyesight and generally good health from now on!
Greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

Bill H  •  Link

Thank you Phil.
I think some of my friends who are not Pepys fans will be relieved that I'm not telling them Pepys news anymore. : )
I feel I need to mention one thing I really appreciate, the web site itself, simple, easy to read, nice clean website, something becoming rare these days.

naikaiouk  •  Link

Thanks so much for keeping this up! I've been reading for most of this cycle and my kids have grown up with me telling them what Sam is up to. I really appreciate all the work you've done over the years that has enabled me to enjoy reading the diary every day.

Mary K  •  Link

Phil you're a marvel. I'm already looking forward to 1st January 2023 for the third go-around. That should make for a very Happy New Year.

Diana Brochen  •  Link

I wasn't there at the beginning of the diary so I'm really happy to read what Mary K says about a third go-around in 2023. Many, many thanks Phil

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