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About Saturday 27 October 1666

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"...they presently voted that the King be desired to put all Catholiques out of employment, and other high things; while the business of money hangs in the hedge."

Patrick Kurp's comments about "hangs in the hedge":
"So writes Samuel Pepys in his diary on this date, Oct. 27, in 1666. What interests me is less the anti-Catholic bigotry that raged in England in the seventeenth century, which is well-known, than that concluding expression, “hangs in the hedge.” The OED gives a straightforward definition: “to be put on one side, to be ‘on the shelf.’” We might say “put on the back burner.” In other words, not to explicitly dismiss something but to defer it, put it off. Hedgerows can be impassably dense ecosystems (they slowed the Allied advance through Normandy) of hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel and other vegetation. Anything might “hang in the hedge,” tangled in the tight weave of branches, as though on bales of barbed wire."…