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About Sunday 10 December 1665

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Margaret Willes's book "The Curious World of Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn" explores the friendship between them, which really flourished later. And of course, Evelyn wrote that charming tribute in his diary when Pepys died.

About Monday 4 September 1665

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Combe Farm continued through the centuries, including being photographed on 11th August 1858. The farmhouse was eventually demolished in 1901.

Interesting that Pepys refers to Woolwich as "home" in this entry.

About Sunday 3 September 1665

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Or take the train (first passenger-carrying railway in London 1836 - 1838) from London Cannon Street or London Bridge, or even better do as Pepys did and travel by boat. A number of sites in Greenwich with Pepys connections.