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About Wednesday 14 March 1665/66

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Wanton turns

Not necessarily "on the pull." Could be interpreted as "as the fancy took me." Wanton can have light-hearted, playful, frolicsome connotations. e.g. wanton tresses.

About Tuesday 6 March 1665/66

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"my house happened to be mighty clean..."

The sort of statement that might be construed as passive-aggressive nowadays.

About Wednesday 28 February 1665/66

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Perhaps Samuel was having a particularly self-indulgent day before Lent gets going in earnest. His self-denying vows may seem more important during a self-denying season.

About Tuesday 6 February 1665/66

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Exchanging goods at the goldsmith's

This, surely, is the plate that arrived as an unexpected gift recently and was not thought very useful. Now being exchanged for items that are more to Samuel and Elizabeth's liking.

About Tuesday 10 July 1666

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Early pasties and pies.

In the most elaborate of the early savoury pies, the hard-crust pastry case was basically used as a casing to keep the contents well-enclosed (and hence moist) during the baking. It was not primarily intended for consumption.

About Friday 25 May 1666

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non-use of opium in the operating theatre

Perhaps the danger of laudanum etc. having a depressing effect on the respiratory system was recognised earlier than we might think. You do need to keep the patient breathing and a heavy, one-off dose of an opiate might be risky.

About Saturday 6 January 1665/66

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Quite possibly.

One thing you can be sure of is that they didn't suffer from peanut allergy/anaphylactic shock syndrome.

About Friday 5 January 1665/66

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Age of consent.

What may seem to us abhorrently low ages of consent presumably owed their existence to the precariousness of life in general in earlier times and the widespread acceptance that marriage was a financial as well as (sometimes) amiable contract. When family (and hence material) alliances could depend on the requisite marriage being accomplished, better not to take the risk of the female party, at least, dying before the contract was made.

About Monday 18 December 1665

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to dog.

Often found in such expressions as "to dog someone's footsteps". To follow someone as covertly as possible, to trail them, to shadow them.

About Saturday 5 October 1667

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Thy flattering picture, Phryne, is like thee
Only in this, that you both painted be.

John Donne (1573 - 1631).