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Third Reading

About Friday 1 March 1660/61

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Sarah, you were sulking yesterday. I was positively bereft today as I did not get my daily e mail, so for two days I had no diary in my inbox! I had to send my boy to go and fetch it for me from the website.

About Saturday 12 January 1660/61

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Awanthi, I am with you on that. Each day starts with Sam and then 21 years of annotators. Later I can discuss issues with my wife, who often asks "What was Sam up today?" The internet at its very best - how Sam would have loved it.

About Monday 3 December 1660

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SDS, that is such an important point you have raised about the importance of Latin as the language of international communication. With all the thousands of dialects spoken across Europe in the 17th century, no trade or diplomacy would have been possible without it. It is such a shame that Esperanto, or an alternative, has never been adopted by the modern world for international communication and instead we have to rely on the Google god to translate for us.

About Sunday 16 September 1660

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Sarah that's a very enlightening overview of the period and the changes in philosophy and thinking that were happening in tandem with the upheavals of the time. It is not so easy for us in the 20th Century, living in an age where modern "truths" are accepted almost globally, to imagine the profound shift in religious and scientific thought that was taking place in Sam's world.

About Saturday 25 August 1660

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I agree with you, Peter Johnson. Reading it again, and looking back at the entry from the 23rd August, it seems quite clear to me that the documents Dr Walker looked over were nothing to do with the budgets.

About Sunday 19 August 1660

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"San Diego is under threat of a Tropical Storm"
Our thoughts are with you Sarah. Thanks for your great annotations - keep them up!

About Friday 10 February 1659/60

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So true SDS. My wife and I were just talking about how in the communities we grew up in - and her family more so in East Africa - the women would be in and out of each others houses in the day time while the men were at work in their own social world of business and industry. Will we ever get back to the society we had in the past? Sadly not, I fear

Second Reading

About The end of the second cycle

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Like many others who follow and love this site, I start my morning every day with a cup of tea and the diary. Being a very late-comer I only came on board last year but reading the annotations I am able to share the joy and enthusiasm that the many followers expressed during the first cycle of the diary. And though I only got on the train at the last station I feel that already know so many of you and I will miss all your contributions. I do hope that Phil, or someone, will run the cycle a third time, but if not then I will start again next January in 1660 and will read the diary day-by-day then.
Thank you so much for all your labours Phil, and thank you to Terry, Robert, San Diego Sarah and the rest of the crew - love you all.