As part of her current research project, Reimagining the Restoration: Samuel Pepys’s Diary and popular history for the 21st Century, Dr Kate Loveman has interviewed two authors: Catherine Johnson author of historical novels for young adults and children, set between 1660 and 1832, and Deborah Swift, author of novels including three based on women featured in Pepys’ diary, Pleasing Mr Pepys (2017), A Plague on Mr Pepys (2018), and Entertaining Mr Pepys (2019).

The latter is, obviously, probably the most interesting to readers of this site – scroll down that page to find links to both the audio interview and a transcript of it, in which she discusses how she brings the people and place to life, and some thoughts on the women her books have focused on: Deb Willet, Elizabeth Bagwell and Elizabeth Knepp. You’ll also discover that she’s found this site, and everyone’s annotations, invaluable for research.


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