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About The end of the second cycle

Sue  •  Link

Phil, thank you so much for the delight you bring with this diary. I personally must go through the cycle again as Sam's email in my inbox everyday gives me a sense of balance, of a world turning, yet changing little. I cannot do without Sam now. Thank you so very much.

About Saturday 31 December 1664

Sue  •  Link

A happy new year to all and great thanks Phil for this site, the daily emails, and Sam's twitter which I also follow. Such delight it brings!
Timperley, England.

About Sunday 25 December 1664

Sue  •  Link

Merry Christmas to all who read here and never post, like me! Much as I dislike Sam for hitting poor Bess, I have enjoyed his diary in my inbox for years. It never grows old and brings great pleasure. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!