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About Sunday 26 November 1665

Cliff  •  Link

Elizabeth Pennington.

I have a hazy memory of her being the daughter of a pre-revolution Lord Mayor of London who was thrown into the Tower for his Royalist sympathies but later released.

I believe Elizabeth's brother despaired of her behaviour and wrote the most heartbreaking letter to her on a "whither goest thou?" theme.

I've searched the Pepys companion for the details and also The Unequalled Self to no avail. (I didn't bother with looking in Bryant, I felt that that would be stretching a point).

As an amusing sideline Pepys records that he was on the verge of having his wicked way with her - at last - BUT somehow decides to walk around the block whilst she prepares herself - and gets himself lost! By the time be returns - just how large was that block??? - Pepys is informed that the mistress has retired for the night and is sent away! (Did the servant mistake her Mistress' intentions???)

As Elizabeth was way, way above Pepys usual mark ie barmaids and servants etc., I wonder whether he simply lost his nerve and invented the 'lost story to cover his embarrassment?

But then, why reveal the incident at all?

Captain Cocke is obvious throughout the whole series of meetings having initially introduced the pair to each other.

It all resembles an hilarious Whitehall farce scenario! If you catch the reference.

Pepys surely was complex.

Anyone who can pin down the reference to the Brother's letter would be on for a pint!