Maps aren't working

The maps in the Encyclopedia aren’t working at the moment – none of the graphical “tiles” that make up the maps are loading. I can’t tell exactly why and don’t have much time right now to look into it. Hopefully Mapbox (who provide the free tiles) will get back to me, or else I’ll find the time to rewrite the map-generating code. I’m not sure how long this will take, sorry!

Moved to a new server

UPDATE: If you can read this, the site has moved to a new server, and you should be able to log in and post annotations again. There may well be things which are broken or slow or unusually strange… if you spot something, do let me know. Thanks.

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Maps not working temporarily

Maps in the Encyclopedia section currently aren’t displaying due to some confusion with Mapbox that provides them. Hopefully they’ll be back in the next day or two.

Anti-spam measures

It only took seven hours after opening up registrations for our first spammer to sign up. I suppose one must admire their speed. So far that account is the only of several spammers that has posted an annotation (since deleted). I’ve disabled those accounts but that doesn’t stop more spammers registering.

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