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Balty enters the diary on February 8:
"At home my wife's brother brought her a pretty black dog which I liked very well, and went away again."

Claire Tomalin notes in her biography of Pepys that this going away again without asking Sam for something was unusual.

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L&M Companion states that his letters to Sam "perfectly reflect the man" in "their comic extravagance of language and feeling."

Richard Ollard wrote:
"If Balthasar St Michel had not existed. only Dickens could have invented him."

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Known as my wife's brother or Her Brother, sums up the relationship.

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How old be this brother in LAW, older or younger, only found two refs: one 18 mths younger, the other 1 yr older, his behaviour suggests younger?

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Additional background information about Balty, including his much quoted and "famous" letter to Sam can be found in the article on Elizabeth at


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Pepys seems to have done well for his brother-in-law in later life, although, from the entries in the Diary, he does not appear to have had a high opinion of him. St. Michel was Muster Master at Deal in 1674, Storekeeper at Tangier in 1681, and Naval Commissioner at Deptford in 1685.
---Wheatley, 1899.

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