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from L&M Companion (partial)
(1623-97). Governor of Tangier 1661-2; living 1665-74 in Long Acre. A close associate of the Duke of York; a commissioner of his household (from 1667)who negotiated his marriage with Mary of Modena in 1673.

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His appointment to The Garrison took place on 20th April 1661. He became Colonel of the 3rd Regiment of Horse (later 2nd Dragoon Guards) on 20th June 1685 and died on 19th June 1697.

John Mordaunt, was created Viscount Mordaunt of Avalon and Baron Mordaunt of Reigate, Surrey, in 1659 ;
His son Charles became the famous one


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Warrington also mentions that the Earl was a Privy Counsellor and that he was made Groom of the Stole in 1685. He was also K.G.

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Henry Mordaunt.

The Earl of Peterborough bought Mortlake tapestries in the 1650's or 1660's. Among them were The Seizure of Cassandra by Ajax and The Daughters of Niobe.

Although not on this site a typical tapestry can be seen...


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Update of 1911 Encyclopedia link above:

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Henry Mordaunt, 2nd Earl of Peterborough

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Henry Mordaunt, second Earl of Peterborough, born November 16th, 1621; Captain-General of the Forces in Tangier, Fez, and Morocco, and Chief Governor of Tangier from September 6th, 1661, to June, 1663; Privy Councillor, 1674-79, 1683; and in 1685 made Groom of the Stole to James II. He was created K.G. 1685, and died June 19th, 1697.
---Wheatley, 1899.

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MORDAUNT, HENRY, second Earl of Peterborough (1624?-1697), cavalier; educated at Eton; served in the parliamentary army; deserted to Charles I, 1643; raised the royal standard at Dorking, 1647, but was defeated and wounded; escaped to Antwerp, 1647; governor of Tangier, 1661; resigned, 1662: escorted Mary of Modena to England, 1673; privy councillor, 1674; suspected of complicity in the Popish plot; K.G., 1685; became a Roman catholic, 1687; impeached, 1689, but released on bail, 1690; published a book on the genealogies of his family under the pseudonym 'Robert Halstead,' 1685.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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Jan. 30 [1662]
The Earl of Peterborough took possession of Tangier.
---A Chronological History of England. J. Pointer, 1714.

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