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Wim van der Meij  •  Link

Warrington has this as a note: "Tom Edwards's death is noticed by Pepys in a letter to Sir Richrd Haddock, dated 20th August 1681. Rawlinson, A 194, fol. 256."

Ivo Swinnen  •  Link

Tom Edwards was one of the twelve boy choristers at the Chapel Royal, assembled in September 1660 by 'Captain' Henry Cooke, the 'Master of the Children of the Chapel'. It is not known how old Tom was when he entered the Chapel, but by mid 1664, his voice had changed. A fellow chorister, Michael Wise, who was thirteen in 1660, also suffered a voice change and left the choir at about the same time as Tom.
(The 12 boys were aged between nine and 13 years old, when recruited in 1660).

(from: Alan Mould, 'The English Chorister - A History', London, 2007)

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