Monday 9 April 1666

Up betimes, and with my Joyner begun the making of the window in my boy’s chamber bigger, purposing it shall be a roome to eat and for having musique in. To the office, where a meeting upon extraordinary business, at noon to the ‘Change about more, and then home with Creed and dined, and then with him to the Committee of Tangier, where I got two or three things done I had a mind to of convenience to me. Thence by coach to Mrs. Pierce’s, and with her and Knipp and Mrs. Pierce’s boy and girle abroad, thinking to have been merry at Chelsey; but being come almost to the house by coach near the waterside, a house alone, I think the Swan, a gentleman walking by called to us to tell us that the house was shut up of the sicknesse. So we with great affright turned back, being holden to the gentleman; and went away (I for my part in great disorder) for Kensington, and there I spent about 30s. upon the jades with great pleasure, and we sang finely and staid till about eight at night, the night coming on apace and so set them down at Pierce’s, and so away home, where awhile with Sir W. Warren about business, and then to bed.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

"...where I got two or three things done I had a mind to of convenience to me."

Uh...Sam? ...And of benefit to the King? (Better yet the Nation).

I wonder how Mrs. Pierce and Knipp would appreciate being called "jades"? Of course I wonder more how James Pierce minds his beautiful wife being out with Sam all afternoon and evening... Chris Knipp I can already imagine.

Meanwhile, at Brampton...

"Come forward there, fellow..." Bess in new gown regalia waves. "Let us have a look at you. Turn round."

"He's a nice 'un." Pall notes.

"Quiet, Paulina. Well,then not too bad. Young man...Have you brought a full list of all your properties and accounts?"

"What, miss? Why, n..."


Terry Foreman  •  Link

Days like these make one wonder where the other S Pepys is -- Scrupulous Pepys, who confides to his Journall of the Oaths made, read and kept. I guess they keep synergic internal company.

cape henry  •  Link

Exactly, TF. Pepys has always had a kind of shadow life of this type, but now with his increased wealth, he is indulging himself in these sort of ostentatious afternoons with rather public 'jades.' I suspect there are several things at work here. One is that he seems to honestly like Mrs. Knipp and admire her talent. Also, he has always adored Mrs. Pierce's beauty from afar. He must think their glow shines well on him. But this is a real departure from his covert behavior of the past. Luncheon with arm candy and carriage rides: it's a whole new world.

Nix  •  Link

I guess "jade" could be used lightheartedly --

2. A term of reprobation applied to a woman. Also used playfully, like hussy or minx.

1560 Nice Wanton in Hazl. Dodsley II. 179 Such a jade she is, and so curst a quean, She would out-scold the devil's dame I ween. 1584 R. W[ARDE] Three Ladies Lond. I. Ibid. VI. 257 When I could not thrive by all other trades, I became a squire to wait upon jades. 1590 SPENSER F.Q. II. xi. 31 The Squyre..Snatcht first the one, and then the other Iade [the hags Impotence and Impatience]. 1668 PEPYS Diary 14 Jan., [Mrs] Pierce says she [Miss Davis] is a most homely jade as ever she saw. 1711 ADDISON Spect. No. 130 1 You see now and then some handsome young Jades among them [the Gipsies]. 1712 Ibid. No. 343 7 Being marry'd to an expensive Jade of a Wife. 1780 S. CRISP Let. in Mad. D'Arblay's Diary 27 Apr., Sarah Marlborough,..though much of the jade, had undoubtedly very strong parts. 1786 BURNS Ordination iv, How..Zipporah, the scauldin jad, Was like a bluidy tiger. 1790 Tam o' Shanter 182 A souple jade she was, and strang. 1812 CRABBE Tales xiii. 246 A lying, prying, jilting, thievish jade. 1824 SCOTT Redgauntlet Let. x, Are ye at it again wi' the siller, ye jaud? 1849 SAXE Poems, Times 73 A laughing jade, of not ungentle mold. 1883 Times 1 Jan. 4/2 A procession of scamps and jades, who marched through Paris wearing in mockery vestments robbed from the churches.

-- but all the same, Samuel had better hope La Belle can't read shorthand.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Of course Betty Pierce took the (sensible) precaution of bring her kids along. Hardly "jade" behavior, Samuel.

"Lemme see your watch, Mr. Pepys."


"Mr. Pepys, why do you keep tryin' to take me seat by Mum?"

"Well, I..."

"When will we get to Chelsea?"

"Mr. Pepys, what you writin' there? Lemme see...What's all those things? You write worse than me dad."

"When will we get to Chelsea?!"

"Mr. Pepys, why you got your hand on Mrs. Knipp's chest? Mum, why does Mr. Pepys got his hand on Mrs. Knipp's bubs?"

"Delightful children, Mrs. Pierce...Yes..."

"Why can't we stay at Chelsea? I won't get sick, Mum."

I'd gladly leave you here, dear...

"Mum, what's Mr. Pepys doin' with Mrs. Knipp's hand?"

"I fixed your paper, Mr. Pepys...See all the lines together make a duck."

"Is this supposed to be inside your watch, Mr. Pepys?"

"When we will get to Kensington?!"

Robert Gertz  •  Link

You know Betty Pierce seems so able to deal with Sam (I imagine James howling with laughter at her tales of Sam and his attempted antics), I rather wonder if she comes along on these things (with kids or pregnant) in part at least to keep a protective eye on poor desperate Knipp who seems much more vulnerable. Much as she likes Sam and enjoys the outings (with kids in tow or pregnant).

JWB  •  Link

days like this...

"The truth is, I do indulge myself a little the more in pleasure, knowing that this is the proper age of my life to do it; and out of my observation that most men that do thrive in the world, do forget to take pleasure during the time that they are getting their estate, but reserve that till they have got one, and then it is too late for them to enjoy it with any pleasure."

Louise  •  Link

I'm glad he had a grand day out. I'm all agog however to see how the joyner gets on. Home improvements when his wife is in Brampton happened before too. It seems there is no planning process either paper draughts or consulting with the council. Basically it looks like anyone with the readies to hire a workman can be up and at it , could make one's neighbourhood fairly dynamic. Perhaps after((spoiler)

the great fire there is a beginning of town planning and planning permission? Or maybe not. I'm sort of envious as I'm currently in town hall wrangle mode re my own house

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"the making of the window in my boy’s chamber bigger, purposing it shall be a roome to eat and for having musique in."

As I recall. this room is downstairs adjoining the entrance to the Pepys's flat. Any guesses as to where the boy is supposed to sleep/hang out?

Ruben  •  Link

"my Joyner"
The Navy's joyner!

Todd Bernhardt  •  Link

re: the joyner, etc.

We tend to forget how important natural light was back then. Strategic placement of windows could really add to the utility of a room and to the quality of life of the inhabitants.

re: "Days like these make one wonder where the other S Pepys is — Scrupulous Pepys, who confides to his Journall of the Oaths made, read and kept"

Right there, I'd imagine! Yes, it's a day of pleasure, but he's keeping company with women who are friends, rather than paramours...

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