Tuesday 1 December 1668

Up, and to the office, where sat all the morning, and at noon with my people to dinner, and so to the office, very busy till night, and then home and made my boy read to me Wilkins’s Reall Character, which do please me mightily, and so after supper to bed with great pleasure and content with my wife. This day I hear of poor Mr. Clerke, the solicitor, being dead, of a cold, after being not above two days ill, which troubles me mightily, poor man!

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

Brodrick to Ormond
Written from: [Dublin]
Date: 1 December 1668

Lord Orrery has told his confidants that the King is about to deprive the Duke of his Lieutenancy, intending to have Justices until spring & then to appoint him Orrery to the government. The writer never believed him; his greatest asseverations, "like those of his idol Cromwell, being ever most remote from truth". ...

Adds particulars concerning the proceedings of the writer & of his brother Commissioners in the Court of Claims.


Katherine  •  Link

Pepys mentions the coach, the horses, the coachman's livery, but not the coachman. Is the coachman part of the household? Part of the stable where the coach and horses are kept?

sue nicholson  •  Link

There certainly was a coachman, because on 2nd March 1669 when Pepys had a house party, the coachman had to give up his bed to accommodate the visitors.

I agree it is most odd that his name is not mentioned !

Robert Gertz  •  Link

"Bess, you remember how you've always said how much you'd like to try driving a coach...?"

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