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William Penn had a sister, Margaret Penn, 1651-1719, who was married on February 14, 1666/7 to Anthony Lowther, of Yorkshire, who was a member of Parliament, 1678-79. Anthony Lowther died, 1692

Pauline  •  Link

Margaret Penn, daughter of Sr William Penn and Margaret Jasper Penn, was born 1636. She married Anthony Sir Thomas Lowther (who died 1692) in 1666-67. Margaret resided in England. They had one child, in one source given as Sir Thomas Lowther and in another as Sir William Lowther, 1st Bart of Marske, (1670-1705). The William and Margaret Penn name duo appears to resurface in other generations, as brother and sister in an additional case. And as the 17th century unreels, Penns and Lowthers cross the ocean and set the stage for a competing search for family ties for the eventual late 20th century computerization of genealogy, wherein anyone can say when our Margaret was born.

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I have grave doubts, Papa would only be 13, i doth think [Pen [state pen] category today]. Papa borne at Bristol in 1621 September 16th, buried 1670, aged forty-nine St. Mary Redcliffe, in Bristol.

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addition info for the M Poirot's of the inter net
from Mary on Fri 23 Nov 2007, 09:54pm

Peg Penn

This Peg Penn is surely Margaret Penn, the daughter of Marie and John Jasper of Ballycase, County Clare. She married, firstly, Nicasius van der Schuren and then, after his death, William Penn (knighted 1660) in 1643. L&M Companion does not give her date of birth, but notes that she died in Walthamstow in 1672. Notable Quaker, William Penn, was her eldest son, born 1644,

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Margaret Penn, daughter of Sir William Penn and Margaret Jasper Penn, was born 1636. She married Anthony Lowther MP FRS (1642-1692) on February 15, 1667. They had one child, in one source given as Sir Thomas Lowther and in another as Sir William Lowther, 1st Bart of Marske (1670-1705).

James Morgan  •  Link

The birthdate of 1636 for Margaret, William's daughter, seems suspicious. As Vincente noted in 2004, Wm Penn was born in 1621 and would have been 13 in 1636. Vicente gives her birthdate as 1651, which seems much more plausible.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

The last few entries on Peg Penn Lowther reveal her rebellion against her upbringing. Activities for young women were so limited.

30 years later Judge Matthew Hale described it in a scathing letter to his granddaughters:

“If they rise in the morning before ten of the clock, the morning is spent between the comb, and the glass, and the box of patches; though they know not how to make provision for it themselves, they must have choice diet provided for them, and when they are ready, the next business is to come down, and sit in a rubbed parlour till dinner come in; and, after dinner, either to cards, or to the exchange, or to the play, or to Hyde Park, or to an impertinent visit; and after supper, either to a ball or to cards; and at this rate they spend their time, from one end of the year to the other; and at the same rate they spend their parent’s or husband’s money or estates in costly clothes, new fashions, chargeable entertainments: their home is their prison, and they are never at rest in it, unless they have gallants and splendid company to entertain.”

And whose fault was that, Judge? They needed to be educated and allowed to undertake real challenges.

More about Judge Matthew Hale, still quoted in 2022 by the Supreme Court of the USA:

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Bob Rosier  •  Link

I have several birthdates for Margaret "Peg" Penn. I do believe I have her husband correct Anthony Lowther b. May 15,1641 d. January 27, 1692/93. Still searching for which date is correct for "Peg". Thanks for all the posting which have been useful.

Bob Rosier  •  Link

I found b. 1651 d. 1718 most often for Margaret "Peg" Penn and she had 2 children:
William b. 4 January, 1675/76 d. 6 April, 1705
Margaret b. 8 February, 1666/67 d. unknown. She married Benjamin Poole

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