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About Tuesday 16 January 1665/66

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The two women are presumably the famed beauty Mrs Pierce, and Elizabeth, since Pierce spent the night with Sam. I took a look at their entries but don't know which would be the fair one and which the dark one. To me the portrait of Elizabeth could be either. Does anyone know from another source which might be the blonde and which the "dark lady"?

About Monday 18 December 1665

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I thought to "dog someone" was to follow them, and found this dictionary definition that includes that meaning:
[often passive] to cause trouble for someone over a long period of time. He has been dogged by persistent back problems. To cause problems for someone or something:let down, hold back, embarrass... to follow someone closely in a way that annoys them.
dog (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

About Wednesday 11 October 1665

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To put in a good word for Sam, apparently after a hard day and many worries, he war rowed "against tide and in the darke and very cold weather to Woolwich, where we had appointed to keepe the night merrily". I'm guessing the whole dance and party at Woolwich was a celebration of his 10th anniversary.
Unless there's some October 11th holiday?

About Tuesday 29 August 1665

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It's probably a bit late, but I think in 2008 Robert Gertz meant to call Mercer a gadabout; a gadfly is quite different.

About Thursday 10 August 1665

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Another note about Dogger Bank: in human times, during the last ice age, Dogger Bank was a large island as the ice reduced the ocean sea level. It formed a land bridge between Britain and the continent. Thus there are conceivably remains of earlier homo sapiens and earlier hominoids under water there.