Saturday 25 April 1668

Up, and with Sir J. Minnes to my Lord Brouncker, and with him all of us to my Lord Ashly to satisfy him about the reason of what we do or have done in the business of the tradesmen’s certificates, which he seems satisfied with, but is not, but I believe we have done what we can justify, and he hath done what he cannot in stopping us to grant them, and I believe it will come into Parliament and make trouble. So home and there at the office all the morning. At noon home to dinner, and thence after dinner to the Duke of York’s playhouse, and there saw “Sir Martin Marr-all,” which, the more I see, the more I like, and thence to Westminster Hall, and there met with Roger Pepys; and he tells me that nothing hath lately passed about my Lord Sandwich, but only Sir Robert Carr did speak hardly of him. But it is hoped that nothing will be done more, this meeting of Parliament, which the King did, by a message yesterday, declare again, should rise the 4th of May, and then only adjourne for three months: and this message being only adjournment, did please them mightily, for they are desirous of their power mightily. Thence homeward by the Coffee House in Covent Garden, thinking to have met Harris here but could not, and so home, and there, after my letters, I home to have my hair cut by my sister Michell and her husband, and so to bed. This day I did first put off my waste-coate, the weather being very hot, but yet lay in it at night, and shall, for a little time.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

"Esther...I sense a new career opening for me. On dry land...As aristocratic barber to the elite of England. Taking vengeance on those who kept me from my rightful place in the world." Balty wields razor. "But first we must practice...On a lesser throat..."

"Tis charity for the world my pet..."

"Yes, yes, I know my love..." Esther, nodding...

(Especially considering that dumpy brother-in-law of ours was coming on to me...)

"We'll take my brother for all we can get..."

"High-born from low, my love..."

"I'd not discriminate great from small...Oh, we'll serve anyone..."


"At all!!!"

"Just a bit off the top, Balty." Sam enters to take a seat.

"Why, certainly brother Pepys." grin to Esther.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

The Coffee House in Covent Garden is ca. five blocks WSW of the Duke's House ("The Opera", Lincoln's Inn Fields), and 2 blocks WSW of the King's Playhouse (Drury Lane), in the theatre district, as it were.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

So Ashly seemed satisfied, but was not...I picture him sitting there nodding with smile throughout Sam and Minnes' presentation then suddenly glaring at the end as Sam hopefully winds up, mission presumably accomplished, milord declaring that in fact he is not, satisfied.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"nothing hath lately passed about my Lord Sandwich, but only Sir Robert Carr did speak hardly of him."

L&M: It was Carr (M.P. for Lincolnshire) who had proposed the revival of the inquiry into the miscarriages of the wr on 26 March: Milward, p. 234.…
His attack on Sandwich may have been made on 16 April in the debate on Penn and the prize-goods, when unnamed speakers asserted that 'Sandwich had the greatest store in the good[s] and was most at fault': Milward, p. 259.

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