Wednesday 12 September 1666

Up, and with Sir W. Batten and Sir W. Pen to St. James’s by water, and there did our usual business with the Duke of Yorke. Thence I to Westminster, and there, spoke with Michell and Howlett, who tell me how their poor young ones are going to Shadwell’s. The latter told me of the unkindness of the young man to his wife, which is now over, and I have promised to appear a counsellor to him. I am glad she is like to be so near us again. Thence to Martin, and there did ‘tout ce que je voudrais avec’ her, and drank, and away by water home and to dinner, Balty and his wife there. After dinner I took him down with me to Deptford, and there by the Bezan loaded above half my goods and sent them away. So we back home, and then I found occasion to return in the dark and to Bagwell, and there … did do all that I desired, but though I did intend ‘pour avoir demeurais con elle’ to-day last night, yet when I had done ‘ce que je voudrais I did hate both elle and la cose’, and taking occasion from the occasion of ‘su marido’s return … did me lever’, and so away home late to Sir W. Pen’s (Balty and his wife lying at my house), and there in the same simple humour I found Sir W. Pen, and so late to bed.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

The Royal Society today at Gresham College — from the Hooke Folio Online

Sep. 12. 1666. (- mr. mercator produced his watch againe and declared that his demonstrations for it consisted only in this that he Could shew his tables of aequations were true, and that the motion Represented thereof in his watch agreed wth those tables).

mr. Hooke presented his new prospectiue for taking angles by Reflections which was approued of by the company, he also was desired to bring the Description of it in writing.

(consideration about their meeting place.)
[ Gresham College also being used as a temporary Exchange. Cf. last Friday's Pepys Diary annote: ]

Heuelius disposed 4 books.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

….”“Thence to Martin, and there did tout ce que je voudrais avec her [ all that I liked with her ], and drank,....So we back home, and then I found occasion to return in the dark and to Bagwell, and there nudo in lecto con ella [naked in bed with her] did do all that I desired; but though I did intend para aver demorado con ella toda la night [to have stayed with her all night], yet when I had done ce que je voudrais [done what I wanted], I did hate both ella and la cosa [ hate both her and the thing, i.e. sex / her body ]; and taking occasion from the uncertainty of su marido's return esta noche, did me levar [uncertainty of her husband's return that night, did get up]; and so away home late to Sir W.Pen's...."

Robert Gertz  •  Link

"... I have promised to appear a counsellor to him."


There is no kindness or neighborlyness in this...It's merely another step in Sam's seduction plan, the little...

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Though of course it is a howl to picture our model husband offered as an example to young Mitchell.

Mary  •  Link


According to the L&M edition this refers to the area between Limehouse and Wapping on the north bank of the Thames. The ['s] is spurious; this is nothing to do with either Thomas Shadwell (Clerk to the Auditor of the Receipt in the Exchequer) or the other Thomas Shadwell (dramatist and Restoration wit).

Lawrence  •  Link

Thank you Terry for translating sam's "bagwell thing", although I know about him playing in the muck, I still find it a little shocking! I wonder if he ever looked back at what he'd wrote in his dotage?

A. De Araujo  •  Link

"I did hate both elle and la cose"
"Post coitum omne animalium triste est"

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"I wonder if he ever looked back at what he’d wrote in his dotage?"

Or, Lawrence, when Ekizabeth had died.

CGS  •  Link

Every human seeks pleasure, when obtained, seeks more or greater, 'tis the genes thing.
As spelt out by I.N..
We keep doing it until punished [liberties taken of the great laws]and if we do nothing, we will continue still do nutin.
We continue to do it because we like the result.

Every kiss will get a reaction , [pleasure or pain ]
slap or kiss back.

All good times must end as it is not balanced by the the others seeking their pleasure.

What ever we do there is always some one out there that disapproves that you do it.

Every human has to satisfy what they see, what they hear, what they smell, what they touch , what they taste.

When they get to the last line sans eyes, sans teeth, sans everything then sweet memories of days of your.

Ralph Berry  •  Link

Very nicely put CGS.

Human nature has not changed. The men that rise to the top are usually endowed with too much testosterone, the Kennedy brothers, Bellasconi, Mettiaran (not sure of my spelling here) and plenty others. There seems to be a relationship between power and sex, the strong bull gathering a herd around him!!

Lawrence  •  Link

"Or, Lawrence, when Ekizabeth had died"
I've often wondered about this, but I think reading that would have racked him with guilt, and if he had looked in to his journal? he may have edited it? so my guess for what it's worth is... he didn't look to closely? but couldn't throw it away, I think most of us couldn't either? and I for one am glad!

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