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About Saturday 1 September 1666

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While we are all hanging around waiting for the sparks to fly. This from Kind Hearts and Coronets:

Mr Elliot: Even my lamented master, the great Mr Benny himself, never had the privilege of hanging a duke. What a finale to a lifetime in the public service!
Prison Governor: Finale?
Mr Elliot: Yes, I intend to retire. After using the silken rope... never again be content with hemp.

About Monday 27 August 1666

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Pepys is just too pleased with Liz's work! I suppose this is cheaper than having her spending money on things out of the house account. Liz, now is the time to start working in ultramarine. Blue seas, blue skies, blue dresses...

About Tuesday 31 July 1666

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SDS thanks for the notations on the most interesting Aphra Behn. Her treatment by Chuck the 2nd certainly reenforces Povy's take on the court.