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About Wednesday 28 November 1666

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Our memory is not for remembering the past in exactitude but to be enable us to be able to plan better for tomorrow. Without memory there is no future to be imagined.

About Sunday 25 November 1666

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breach vs. breech

I am confused -- this (to me) is a compliment. I would be loath to kiss my boss' breach but the one I wish to marry? In a heartbeat. Esp. if that's all it took!

About Monday 12 November 1666

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Pepys gold conundrum puts in my mind Kafka's The Burrow where the erstwhile hero either gathers its riches (food hoard) into the central room to grovel in the full glory or disperses said hoard throughout the burrow matrix and basks centrally by being surrounded with its riches. As with the creature (badger?) the terror is always in preservation.

About Sunday 4 November 1666

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"...but to find out the true mind be a task worthy of getting food out of a winkle with a stick."

Hilarious Mr. Salt. Thanks.

So there our man is-- freezing his cods off, but absolutely burning hot in the gossip. Some ague!

About Thursday 18 October 1666

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John Evelyn (the life of the party) gets interesting in around 1669 with the introduction of the 17 y.o. Margaret Blagge into his life. His inner Humbert Humbert awaits thee there.

About Tuesday 9 October 1666

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Chuck2 allowing a comedy to be performed reminds me of Gilbert Gottfried recounting his version of The Aristocrats joke shortly after the 9/11 2001 tragedy. Then, it was thought to be too soon for there to be joking.

About Thursday 4 October 1666

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Speaking to the hum in Pooh’s woods are D. Parker’s immortal words:

“And it is that word “hummy,” my darlings, that marks the first place in The House at Pooh Corner at which Tonstant Weader Fwowed up.”

About Tuesday 2 October 1666

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"Stark mad... I could not tell in the world what to do..."

Unusual formulation to a now classic turn of phrase.

Even if one could tell the world what to do wouldn't it amount to the same result. Zip! Chuck 2 excepted to some degree.