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About Saturday 20 May 1665

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Sam may take a diary rest day but our annotators certainly don't! All of interest no doubt. As I have said before Sam can write about whatever he wants as long as it isn't about how guilty he feels about any of it.

About Wednesday 17 May 1665

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Hilarious Carl in Boston submerged sartorialist of the english world.

JWB I was wondering about what happened to Pett in Pepys estimation also? From brilliant shipwright i.e. catamaran - this is the same man? --to everyday further into falsity.

About Sunday 7 May 1665

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Copyright maybe on the outs but the idea of cultural appropriation is not. Perhaps if it was copyrighted we could all do it with impunity?

About Saturday 22 April 1665

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WR to CGS' bonnets, they are Victorian and not Restoration? Also "bib and tucker" is a phrase I did not know. As it turns out this comes as starting late 17th century fashion. There, I feel better.

About Thursday 30 March 1665

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I am so confused!

Not 3 days before: "Thence to Mrs. Martin, who, though her husband is gone away, as he writes, like a fool into France, yet is as simple and wanton as ever she was, with much I made myself merry and away."

With words like "simple" and "wanton" I thought I needed no help parsing "much I made myself merry".

Now, everything is gone open marriage and yet so 'mighty reserved' and 'pleasant to think on' I have no idea what is happening or what to think.

About Saturday 25 March 1665

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The Jewish holiday of Sukkoth was where Jews traditionally utilized palm fronds for building the sukkah etc.. This was done in the 7th month of the year when palm fronds were supple and readily available (having grown through the summer). I have yet to find a good explanation as to how (or why) palm fronds where used for purpose in the spring. At this point (of the year) the new growth would be minuscule and the old growth dry, stiff and unappealing. The best explanation is it was (like Christmas) a substitution for Roman (spring) festivities. Jesus may well have been executed later in the year.

About Thursday 16 March 1664/65

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If these are not bribes what else could they be? Examples of God’s munificence to one of his favourites of course! How could you possibly expect anyone to feel anything but pleasure in that?

About Monday 6 March 1664/65

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As we get Liz thru Sam it is very hard at times to see who she is exactly. Very nice unexpurgated view today! Hilarious.