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About Thursday 22 September 1664

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Half the time I have no idea what Sam is talking about when he catches cold in various parts of his body. I will add to my vows and start calling them out. To wit: "having got a strange cold in my head, by flinging off my hat at dinner..."

Very hard to parse. Does he merely mean he caught a cold? I think not. And what's with the phrase "flinging off" as opposed to just 'taking off'? Does this add to the strangeness of the malady?

About Tuesday 20 September 1664

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So Pedro, by using the phrase "attempt suicide" are you saying people survive the fall or just standing there qualifies as an attempt? I wonder also, how many hundreds of feet the cliffs at Beachy Head have receded due to erosion since Pepy's day?

About Thursday 1 September 1664

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My wife's mother who was English use to make Christmas puddings a year in advance. Delicious to me even if I was from Central European background. Anyways, we once served some to my wife's Russian language instructor - a fine women of Armenian descent. She tried some and got a perplexed and rather disgusted look on her face and asked (in the flat, droll way that only Russians have) "Diana, what is this? Is it meat? I cannot finish it."

About Saturday 27 August 1664

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Missed a career as a contra tenor then Terry! More common and most excellent singers now but in the 1990's a relative rarity.

For myself I appreciate all the spoilers people care to give.

About Tuesday 16 August 1664

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So Sam wakes and identifies the time as 2AM. No give or take on that! Was some poor SOB out in the rain calling the hours?

About Saturday 6 August 1664

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There he is at it again: "poor-wife"! Hyphenated no less. What's with that? Been weeks since he's seen her and no other adjective comes to pen?

About Friday 5 August 1664

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Having built a music room. First question would be what kinds of instruments? Brass band anyone? Here it seems to be mostly lute/theorbo or voice.

You can always dampen a lively room. The reverse quite difficult. I would expect plaster to be reflective, so lively. Ceiling height and size of room would be two further considerations. One person singing in a bathroom works wonderfully. Two? Not so good. You would need to dampen.