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About Wednesday 7 December 1664

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Robert, I for one love all that kind of stuff.

Speleotheraphy! Who knew that was a thing? I only heard of black lung.

"put new thoughts of folly into me..."

What fresh folly could this be? Hiring Bagley? Maybe secret assignations at the Cotton On Inn?

About Tuesday 29 November 1664

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Why are we talking about the Bagley’s? Did Andy just do a spoiler? Do I have to think less of Sam so soon with regards the (as yet?) merely bad handled Bagley’s?

About Saturday 26 November 1664

Gerald Berg  •  Link

That iPod is pretty well worthless today Terry! So things do you change Louise. Today (at least) the comparison should be bitcoin as it breached $10,000. Bets on worth ten years hence?

About Monday 21 November 1664

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Thanks Tonyel, I concur.
However Cape Henry does have a point in noting a change in the style of prose. I argue about the personal negative spin that he gave to it. It may be in the air. War fever with greed yapping at Navy heels?

About Friday 18 November 1664

Gerald Berg  •  Link

I wonder how Mr. Hore would feel about Sam’s misspelling his name for our future edification? Definitely preoccupied!

About Tuesday 1 November 1664

Gerald Berg  •  Link

That idea of Sam eating a goose for lunch seems like an awful lot of heavy food. But then, as I sit here eating my breakfast, I realize I have no idea what breakfast consisted of for Sam. Has he ever mentioned eating breakfast? Up early and what for fuel? If dinner is at noon and I were up at 4 or 5 AM and went abroad without breakfast I could eat a goose for lunch too!