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About Saturday 29 May 1669

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Many thanks Phil! Great to have all the annotators around for clarification. I needed you all desperately!

I too, will have to go round till I meet my younger self along the way.

About Tuesday 25 May 1669

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Thank you SDS. Truly sorry.

My fan fiction would be SP full of guilt and regret but then, that wouldn't make for a very good MP.

About Tuesday 25 May 1669

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I am relieved to miss out on Liz's death but curious as to how it affected SP's behaviour subsequently? Any insights from the group?

About Saturday 24 April 1669

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"...but only it do seem to imply some little neglect of me."

Too rich! Not an ironic bone in Pepys whatsoever.

About Saturday 17 April 1669

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“upon the rupture between the late King and the Parliament,” to these, “the beginning of the late Rebellion;” giving it me as but reason to shew that it was with the Rebellion that the Navy was put by out of its old good course..."

Would a change like this make Sam more suspect WR to his later travails on DoY sympathies?

About Tuesday 6 April 1669

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The similarities with Mutiny on Bounty vis a vis class is striking! As I have come to understand it: Bligh was a 'tar' but the officers were not.

About Thursday 1 April 1669

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Henry Fielding's Tom Thumb the Great on which I based my first opera has an insurrection occurring on April 1. Even includes a very early "And your grandmother was..."

Grizzle: Thus far our arms with victory are crowned;
G&D: For though we have not fought, yet we have found
No enemy to fight withal.
Doodle: Yet I,
Me thinks, would willingly avoid this day,
This first of April.
Grizzle: This day, of all the days of the year, I'd choose,
For on this day my grandmother was born.