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About Friday 18 August 1665

Gerald Berg  •  Link

News travels. Pepys gets rumours on Bergen August 16 while Sandwich doesn’t sight his bad news till today. How does that work?

About Tuesday 25 July 1665

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Spoilers: We need a hard and fast rule on what constitutes a spoiler. My vote is anything that happens outside of the diary timeline is not a spoiler. Thanks RG for the heads up on the Scott affair. "Scott was one of the most fraudulent rogues of the 17th century." Great! But was that a spoiler?

Plague: As we get to meet so many persons via Pepys perhaps there's a way to tally people mentioned who die of plague for an' in house' feel for mortality rates?

AH shades of Around the World in 80 days!

About Thursday 20 July 1665

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Fleas. Lest we forget in our calumnies towards the London flea of the time: Not every flea would carry the plague. I would be curious to know the ratio of the Donne flea bite to plague bite?

About Friday 14 July 1665

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Thanks TF. I was thinking it pretty egregious that Pepys sex talk is excised while adding political afterthoughts is OK.

About Monday 10 July 1665

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I would pay anyone for a spoiler on Povy! Personally, I am now siding with Povy the Great Dissimulator.
As in: "I am out of Tangier so who cares what the court sez. I made a fortune in the lighters thank you."

I see he lived to 89 years. Comfortably, I assume.

About Friday 7 July 1665

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As with most of the inside gossip Pepys receives it proves to be either wildly inaccurate or completely wrong. I say thank you to the many annotators for that.

About Wednesday 5 July 1665

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Lonely Peeps: it’s been a long time since Pepys has had anything to say to his diary about Liz. The last comment I can recall was where he wasn’t sure he made a good deal with regards marrying Elizabeth. Was that really the last time?

About Tuesday 4 July 1665

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Brilliant CGS! And this would explain why the mole was such a financial sinkhole. For how many years upcoming did they struggle with that damn Tangerian mole? There were tidy profits for the bureaucrats ad naseum in the lighters.

Sjoerd thanks for the Faroe Isle sightings. De Ruyter was a crafty man. He knows nothing of the recent losses of course.