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About Tuesday 21 February 1664/65

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Spring! Watched Mallard ducks mate yesterday. After much prior nodding between them the act was consummated. It was consensual but there was a struggle. Maybe SP is merely clumsy?

About Saturday 21 January 1664/65

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"amputated rabbit's limb"

Batten had stated Pepy's rabbit foot is a mistake in that the joint was missing. I assume this is the ankle joint? The addition adds a considerable 'creepy' factor. Without the joint Pepys got no immediate reaction but with touching Batten's he farted. Yet the next day all this ignored in favour of feeling better.

Newtonian alchemy.

The thing is alchemists were not wrong in principal. Heavy elements are derived from lighter elements. What they lacked was the ability to calculate the amount of energy required to do this. So have we until very recently. Not a decade ago it was thought that a very large supernova was energy enough to produce anything beyond iron but now we know it takes two stars (white dwarves as of now) colliding to get these elements.


My wife is not religious but she is superstitious. Telling her that it makes no sense (except in the case of walking under ladders- not wise if someone is working on it!) does no good.

About Tuesday 20 December 1664

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It is not clear to me that the Bagwells are innocent in all this. The way Sam suspected Uncle Willie(?) coming around to hang out with Liz (and Sam letting it happen) indicates a common behaviour to me. The begetting of money the common purpose between each incident. Albeit the one for inheritance and the other for job.

Looks to me Sam got his rocks off but as to how? He has been happy with lesser satisfactions before.

About Monday 19 December 1664

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Someone somewhere (Todd?) noted a potential correlation between Sam's assignations and a propensity to erupt into rage. In this case immediately before. I am suspect it may be correct.

Fresh folly this was!

About Wednesday 7 December 1664

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Robert, I for one love all that kind of stuff.

Speleotheraphy! Who knew that was a thing? I only heard of black lung.

"put new thoughts of folly into me..."

What fresh folly could this be? Hiring Bagley? Maybe secret assignations at the Cotton On Inn?

About Tuesday 29 November 1664

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Why are we talking about the Bagley’s? Did Andy just do a spoiler? Do I have to think less of Sam so soon with regards the (as yet?) merely bad handled Bagley’s?

About Saturday 26 November 1664

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That iPod is pretty well worthless today Terry! So things do you change Louise. Today (at least) the comparison should be bitcoin as it breached $10,000. Bets on worth ten years hence?

About Monday 21 November 1664

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Thanks Tonyel, I concur.
However Cape Henry does have a point in noting a change in the style of prose. I argue about the personal negative spin that he gave to it. It may be in the air. War fever with greed yapping at Navy heels?

About Friday 18 November 1664

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I wonder how Mr. Hore would feel about Sam’s misspelling his name for our future edification? Definitely preoccupied!