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About Thursday 11 January 1665/66

Gerald Berg  •  Link

With you on the that Phil C.! A society on the verge of producing geniuses in all sorts of guises. Were it not for Newton, our Mr Hooke of this night might be better remembered than he is.

About Wednesday 3 January 1665/66

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Epic work what? Dictates a well thought, multi-optioned,19 page closely writ Pursers paper over a morning and afternoon. Read back by Mr. Gibson and copied fair by SP over the evening. Continue next day, all day. Party hard and an oops must sleep. Mailed following morning. Whatever the merits of the diary he was exactly where he should be as to job and competence. Wonderful!

About Tuesday 2 January 1665/66

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Au contraire SD Sarah. I believe Tooker took the dictation whilst Sam has been writing the copy fair all these candlelit hours. Tooker yesterday was reading his own writing back to Sam. Perhaps Sam has taken a few kicks since to achieve fair copy?

Aye, aye, eyes, Sam!

About Wednesday 27 December 1665

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I call out that Pepys’ most erotic writing is not the abysmally tawdry dalliances but his money porn exclamations on conquests in the offing. How often has he mentioned this MUCH anticipated payoff coming out of the Tangier account? Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens!

Appreciate the bat reading comments.

Best for everyone in the new year!

About Tuesday 19 December 1665

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So merry was Pepys thru these months that finally exhaustion sets in. This is about as pissy as I have read him these last few days. I am not sure what Pepys means by "turd of kindness or service". How are kindness or service related? Is this about usefulness?

About Tuesday 28 November 1665

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"where some payers were at work," Payers?

"usefulness of carrying pen and ink and wax about one" Never mind a Blackberry how about a ballpoint pen and sealed envelopes?

About Saturday 14 October 1665

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Pepys Praised To High King with Sandwich as Toast.

More evidence for the hive off of Pepys theory?

Meanwhile SP chases fleas with meat at a tavern.