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About Wednesday 1 April 1668

Gerald Berg  •  Link

One thing Pepys is doing successfully is ensuring that Bess remains lonely. Deb (her companion) has dirty secrets now. Thanks for nothing Sam.

About Sunday 22 March 1667/68

Gerald Berg  •  Link

I assume Sam's Italian preference was WRT church music and not secular music. Not being familiar with Anglican service and as no famous English Mass comes to my mind (pace Britten), that may be what he heard? An RC Mass really knows how to pull out the stops (by comparison) is my supposition.

About Wednesday 18 March 1667/68

Gerald Berg  •  Link

"but there are so many about the King that will not be able to stand, if a new Parliament come..."

By what mechanism will these flunkies of the King not be able to stand?

About Sunday 15 March 1667/68

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Brings a couple of idle questions to mind.

Does Pepys name drop while hazer conning?

Also, is the hazer con all in shorthand or spelt out? If spelt out I could concur with L.H. about the added titillation WR to a foreign language (A Fish Called Wanda comes to mind - albeit Russian). But if the racy bits are in short hand, interpretation (for us) would be extra difficult I would think.

About Monday 17 February 1667/68

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Pimp/procurer/spy-- which intelligence was really valued by Chuck?-- "Lord Arlington’s, in giving him 10,000l. and a barony for it."

About Monday 10 February 1667/68

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Class. If I understand correctly -- as a Lord you are a procurer but as a plebeian you would be a pimp. Or is it that anyone working on behalf of a King is automatically a procurer? Is this us allowing language to work against us or our prejudices bolstering societal constraints?