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About Sunday 24 June 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

That doesn't quite fit with being jealous of himself, Terry. At least I don't think.

I thought in the context jealous might mean careful. As in: careful with him and careful with myself (about the words being spoke(him) and unspoken(Pepys)).

Talk about being Albemarles's man!

About Thursday 21 June 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

What we need is fan fiction from the perspective of Sam's predations.
Michell goes to Sam with a tars ticket looking to be cashed. Does Sam see this as enough of a favour that Betty should be generous towards himself in that special way? Does Michell realize this is part of the calculation?
This must happen everywhere all the time. How can any man feel sure which kid is their own? Everyone at the table must be aware that this sort of thing happens. Are they aware they are watching it presently in action?

About Saturday 9 June 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

I doubt the distillation process was yielding a pure distilled spirit. Somewhere down market from pure spirit distillation the process yields wood alcohol. Drinking such products brings blindness and death. Good luck with that Sam!

About Sunday 3 June 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Louise, as a reader I am thankful for his sanguine feelings about his infidelities, tawdry and foolish as they are. Nothing worse than a diary filled with "god forgive me, I am such a bad man", "I feel so guilty!" ad nauseam...

About Saturday 2 June 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

"poor fellows kissed their wives and sweethearts in that simple manner at their going off..."

Of course the lay up line is: Rather this than your 'stolen favours' with the Tars wives after they have gone to sea to fight for you Mr. Pepys!

RE: Mrs. Daniels and Pepys double duty -- Did he refrain from informing Mrs. D. that her husband at this very moment may well be blown to smithereens for her sake or his? Can't imagine the sex being favourable otherwise.

About Tuesday 29 May 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

"and what it was the night when Monk come into the City. Such a night as that I never think to see again..."

What exactly is Pepys referring to here? Is this something along the lines of Leclerc's entry into Paris in 1944?

About Sunday 27 May 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Who but Sam and ourselves know he is worth 5000L? Liz? How would his superiors view Sam knowing this was his worth?