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About Friday 21 August 1668

Gerald Berg  •  Link

"good, but not like."

I take this to mean the likeness' are not 'like' as opposed to the malformed 'me not like'?
We have complained before that Lely's women tend to all look the same.

About Sunday 12 July 1668

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Then there is anglicizing. In my own family Dietrich Goertzen was legally changed to Ross Stanfield. So the pool is ever smaller. It was excellent for business, esp. after the war.
I have noticed a tendency of moving slightly off target now to Irish, Welsh or Scottish. Not sure what that implies...

And yes Sarah, I feel better. Thank you. Of course I can't help wonder if the clever scoundrel who accused Will remained free?

About Monday 29 June 1668

Gerald Berg  •  Link

I am still worried for Wm. Miller and his run in with that very clever thief. Whistle blower syndrome or what? You will update us Sarah?

About Thursday 18 June 1668

Gerald Berg  •  Link

And nothing about you diddling Deb just before the two girls go off on holidays together Sam? Yes, let's talk all night about that...
As if!

About Sunday 10 May 1668

Gerald Berg  •  Link

I wonder what conversations between Balty and W. Hewer were like? Would they gossip about Sam? Fanfic anyone?

About Monday 27 April 1668

Gerald Berg  •  Link

The reveal (for me) on Pepys sexual antics was his molestation of Bess' companion Deb. This undermines Bess in many critical ways and if he truly loved her he would have refrained from that particular conquest. Clearly, he doesn't really apply any sort of imaginative identification with Bess' mental health. This leads me to believe that he really doesn't love her. All exceptions that our annotators allow for Sam's behaviour because he really does 'love' Bess are misplaced. He doesn't.

Casanova was a lover (with many less lovely attributes), (and writer of a beautiful biography) our Sam is a molester (with many other becoming attributes).

About Wednesday 1 April 1668

Gerald Berg  •  Link

One thing Pepys is doing successfully is ensuring that Bess remains lonely. Deb (her companion) has dirty secrets now. Thanks for nothing Sam.