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About Saturday 19 May 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Looks to me that Deanne and Pepys shared a portrait painter too? Same halfway turn to us and no landscape background either.

About Wednesday 9 May 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Much like the alchemists I feel poor Casuabon (whatever his personal failings -- which were fulsome) was onto something. The mythic key would have been Freud et al.

About Thursday 3 May 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

I do not think who dines with whom is fully parsed. What of Pepy's concernments? What concernments is he talking about? I assume it was the spat he had with his wife about painting during working hours? Does that mean he doesn't mind an 'equal' knowing about it?

About Saturday 21 April 1666

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"King Charles II was clearly a lot of fun to be around."

Right. So let's try this joke: Charles intellect resembles this ketch. Thick for such a sort time in office.

You think I'd find him fun to be around?

About Sunday 8 April 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Pepys displaying his popish inclinations along with conversing with ex-roundheads sympathizers? A civil war within?

About Saturday 7 April 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

Pepys' new schedule or how he lost his eyesight in 10 short years: Party at noon and work on your books at night with a candle.

About Wednesday 4 April 1666

Gerald Berg  •  Link

To me the Pharisee parable doesn't quite fit; as W. Pen, not too recently, held it over on Pepy's and made a rough going for him. Povy. To me he fits the parable.