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Per L&M Companion:

A family of goldsmith-bankers; among the most important financiers of their day. Sir Thomas (1588-1665) established the firm, at the sign of the Vine, in Lombard Street. He was knighted by both Cromwell and Charles II, and made a baronet in 1661. He was Sheriff 1648-9 and Lord Mayor 1653-4. His country house was at Hackney. His partner and successor was his nephew Robert (1631-88), knighted in 1665, made a baronet in 1666. He remade many of the regalia at the Restoration, and is said to have had 400,000 L involved in the Stop of the Exchequer in 1672. He was Sheriff 1666-7 and Lord Mayor 1674-5. His wife was Mary (d. 1675), widow of Sir Thomas Hyde, who brought with her a great fortune. Their country house was Swakeley's, nr. Ickenham, Middlesex. Sir Thomas's son George, the 2nd. baronet (c. 1639 - 73)was also a goldsmith-banker.

For the Michael Wright family group portrait of 1673:

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